Updated: Can WR Weston Dressler Be the Answer for Chiefs at the Slot?



It appears that Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star is now confirming that Weston Dressler will sign with the Chiefs.

The rumors are swirlling hot and heavy regarding former North Dakota and CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders star and his status in signing with the Kansas City Chiefs. When I spoke with Terez Paylor from the Kansas City Star earlier today, he wasn’t sure if Dressler was signing, but now even he is convinced that Dressler will be wearing Chiefs gear in the fall.

Dressler could absolutely be the answer to the Chiefs dilemma at the slot receiver and punt returner positions. With Dexter McCluster exepecting to draw a decent amount of interest on the free agent market come March, he may demand a price that’s too high for the Chiefs — hampered by an unforgiving salary cap situation — to pay. But, it may not be the end of the world if Dressler does indeed make Kansas City his home.

While I agree that the talent in the CFL is not what it is in the NFL, Dressler hasn’t been a slouch during his six year career with the ‘Riders. He has only had one season where he’s caught less than 1,000 yards and that was in an injury shortended year where he broke his fibula. To call him a “Wes Welker Clone” would be a disservice to both men, as it’s unfair to compare them, but one can’t help but notice the similarities.

At 5-feet-8-inches, Dressler is definitely smaller than the more-common, bigger bodied receivers who own the outside positions in the NFL. However, guys like Welker, Danny Amendola and even McCluster have proven that having a smaller, shiftier, quicker receiver in the slot can create a big mis-match against larger, slower linebackers who inevitably draw that match up.

Regardless, the official news should come at any time now. According to quotes from the Kansas City Star, Dressler has already made a decision about what team to sign with after considering several offers.

"“There was some different interest (from teams) but I’ve got a decision made and it’s coming down to the point where I just need to cross the T’s and dot the I’s,” said Dressler.”"

One thing Dressler made clear, he wants to wear No. 13 on his jersey with whatever team he ends up playing with.

"“The team I’m talking with, I made a request for a certain jersey number (13) because I wanted to show my respect to the 13th man of Rider nation.”"

If you’ve got five minutes to kill, here are some highlights from Dressler’s time with the Roughriders.

Anybody else ready for September?