What Can the Kansas City Chiefs Expect From Matt McGloin?


Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the holiday season Addicts. Well, for me Hanukkah is over, but Christmas is on the way. What better way to kick off some holiday cheer by securing a playoff berth this weekend vs. the Oakland Raiders? I mean, sure even if the Chiefs lose a Miami Dolphins’ loss to the New England Patriots or a Baltimore Ravens’ loss to the Detroit Lions could get us in as well, but why take that chance? The last time these two teams met a couple things happened. One, the Raiders were step for step with the Chiefs for most of the game. Two, the Chiefs won 24-7 making my previous statement irrelevant. Three, the Chiefs broke the Seattle Seahawks world record for loudest crowd roar at an event (this record was re-broken by the Seattle fans).

In the previous game vs. Oakland we saw Terelle Pryor, a guy who was known (by me) for trying to sell his Big 10 Championship ring for money. He was also known for his athleticism and his improvement in the offseason, which was why he won the job in Oakland at the start of the season. The Chiefs sacked him ten times. Pryor, however, will not be playing at the quarterback position vs. Kansas City today. Instead, the Chiefs will face rookie Matt McGloin. McGloin went undrafted out of Pennsylvania State University where he outlasted rookie fourth round pick out of Arkansas Tyler Wilson. At Penn State, McGloin finished with a career 6,390 passing yards, 46 touchdowns and 19 interceptions.

What do the Chiefs know about McGloin? The answer is nothing. They haven’t faced him until today. Austin Lederman, play-by-play commentator for 90.7 The Lion FM (Penn State Radio) said, “Expect the unexpected.” Lederman covered McGloin for his senior season at Penn State and was overjoyed to hear he had won the starting job in Oakland. Lederman also said, “Don’t overlook him. He doesn’t have great arm strength, but has good accuracy and he has incredible confidence in his abilities.”

Thanks to statistics we do know who his favorite receiver is. In his four games starting he has targeted wide receiver Rod Streater 31 times completing 21 of those passes. That’s 67 percent. In those games Streater has 364 yards receiving and two touchdowns.

Also, McGloin isn’t exactly mobile. Here’s hoping the Chiefs can lock down Streater and sack McGloin today.