Chiefs vs. Broncos: Denver Players to Keep an Eye On


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The week has finally come. This sunday night, on national television, the undefeated 9-0 Kansas City Chiefs will take on the 8-1 Denver Broncos. The big headlines are all about Peyton Manning’s health and wether he can play vs. the Chiefs on his bum ankles, but Broncos’ interim Head Coach Jack Del Rio has stated that Peyton will be playing against Kansas City. Peyton is just one of Denver’s multiple threats, if not their biggest threat. There are some other guys I believe Kansas City should focus on.

1. Knowshon Moreno, RB #27:

This guy came back from the dead. Originally the 12th overall pick in the draft for Denver in 2009, his injury issues caused him to be sidelined quite a bit for Denver. He also was upstaged by two second round draft picks in two consecutive years by Ronnie Hillman in 2012 and Montee Ball in 2013. Moreno is back with a vengeance though. He is only 17th in the league with 521 yards rushing, but he has shattered his receiving yards in a season record. This year he has 336 receiving yards. He has been a big part of Denver’s offense this year. The Chiefs need to stop him.

2. Julius Thomas,  TE #80:

Julius Thomas, Wes Welker and Demariyus Thomas all have 9 receiving touchdowns. However, Julius Thomas is the guy I am really the most concerned about because we have the least experience vs. him game-wise. Last year we played Demariyus Thomas so we sort of know what to expect from him. We’ll put Marcus Cooper or Sean Smith on him and hope both can be physical enough with him that they don’t get burned. Julius Thomas, however, is another enigma. Eric Berry has played pretty darn well against tight ends this year. Jason Witten being the best guy he has faced, but Julius Thomas scares me way more than Witten did. This guy is big and fast and just seems to have a knack for getting open around the endzone. He had a 74 yard touchdown pass from Peyton Manning last week. He is averaging 13 yards per catch at the tight end position. That really is something to look out for.

3. Von Miller, OLB #58

Von is a disruptive force. He does not have as many sacks as I thought he would after returning in week six, but just look at the matchup. Von is going up against Eric Fisher on most plays. Not only that, but the other side will most likely have to deal with Shaun Phillips and Robert Ayers who are both good pass rushers. It is normally ok to leave Albert by himself with one of these guys, but you know Jack Del Rio is going to exploit this matchup. The Chiefs will have to help Fisher out when Von is on his side by utilizing Fasano or one of the running backs to help block him.

Denver has so many play makers that Kansas City has a lot to look out for, but these are the three guys I think they should be the most concerned about. Sound off addicts, who are your Denver players to look out for this week?