Which Chiefs Player Has Played the Best During 7-0 Start?


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of guys on this 2013 Kansas City Chiefs team who have contributed to the successful start.

The defense is all anyone can talk about, because there are times where this offense has just seemed miserable. There were times where I could have compared this offense to the offense of last year, minus the interceptions. However, there has been one man who has not only successfully contributed to this offense week in and week out, but is being considered a dark horse MVP candidate. This man Addicts, is your Kansas City Chiefs running back, number 25, Jamaal Charles.

What more can we say about this guy?

After he tore his ACL in 2011, he comes back and runs for 1500+ yards in 2012 while the Chiefs went on to have a 2-14 season. This year, many people didn’t know what to expect from Charles because of the type of offense Andy Reid likes to run. Those people, including myself, are pleasantly surprised by how he has done this year. In every single game Charles has surpassed 100 yards from scrimmage and has scored a touchdown (and carried my fantasy team to victory to boot).

Without Jamaal, this offense would be absolutely lost.

With that said, the team needs to find a way to make sure the offense doesn’t rely so heavily on him moving forward, as the Chiefs will need him for the postseason.

What do you think Addicts? Who do you think has played the best so far during this great start?