Arrowhead Sets World Record For Loudest Stadium


John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs have a perfect 6-0 record, but that’s not the only record making noise around the NFL right now.

According to multiple sources on Twitter, Arrowhead Stadium is now officially the loudest stadium in the world.

Arrowhead is known as a tough place for opponents to play in, but now Chiefs Kingdom can officially claim to be the loudest.

Why does this matter?

One, it’s a world record, and anytime you can set a world record, it’s a good time.

More importantly though, it’s proven that noise at a stadium can dramatically impact the opposing team in a negative way. Not only does it make it make it hard for the visiting team to communicate, but in many instances, they have to change the way they call plays, and even change the way they practice.

Fans can directly impact the course of a football game with the noise that they make, and now it’s official—the Chiefs have the best 12th man in the world.

The previous decibel record was


136.6, set by Seattle fans at CenturyLink Field.

Arrowhead has no roof or overhangs that would have helped make things louder. Just terrific fans, a.k.a. addicts.

Note: For the record, the Chiefs record is 137.5 decibels.