Chiefs vs. Raiders: Who Will Be Kansas City’s MVP?


Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

So far this season, the Kansas City Chiefs have gotten contributions from handful of different players, and it’s yielded great results. Each week it seems someone new has stepped up and made a play. Whether that’s been a marquee guy like Alex Smith or Jamaal Charles, or role players such as Marcus Cooper or Sean “Bloodbath” McGrath – someone has stepped up and made plays when the team needed them most. So, that sparks the question: who will it be this week?

Below is my list of candidates. Some are obvious, some are less obvious but as we all know, big plays can come from anyone on the field.

Dwayne Bowe

Bowe has yet to have a “breakout game” this season, and I feel as if he’s overdue. Last week, he had a would-be touchdown stolen from him by his pinky toe. Perhaps this week, he’ll have a bit more luck.  Donnie Avery has been a great addition to this offense, but Bowe is the pack leader here and if the offense is going to grow, they have to get their big-play receiver revved-up and making plays.

Frank Zombo

If Houston isn’t cleared to play by Sunday, his duties will fall to the former Packer Frank Zombo. Zombo would have the difficult task of keeping contain on the fleet-footed Terrelle Pryor. Should Houston not go on Sunday, the Chiefs will need a long stretch of solid play from the 4th-year man out of Central Michigan.

Quintin Demps 

Demps plays a whole lot on defense, and has returned the majority of Kansas City’s kicks. In 4 of the Chiefs’ 5 contests this year, KC has scored on special teams or defense. So, how’s this for a scenario: Demps returns a kick for 6 AND records an interception. I’m not saying this will happen. Nor am I saying that it’s probable. It is, however, quite possible and would most likely  make Demps the MVP of the game. Why? Because forcing turnovers and scoring on special teams wins games.

Jamaal Charles

Let’s face it, this is the most likely. Charles is the pacemaker for this offense and barring injury, that shouldn’t change. It’s to the point where I almost expect a touchdown, at least 5 catches and 100+ total yards from Charles every week, regardless of the opponent. That’s frightening to say. Chances are good Charles is your MVP on Sunday.

What say you, Addicts?