Andy Reid talks Tony G and Injuries


Head coach Andy Reid has his new team the Kansas City Chiefs off to their best start in over a decade. The Chiefs are effective at clock killing drives and their defense has been on fire lately causing havoc for offenses. The following are some of the highlights from his October 9th press conference.

Rick Burkholder talked about the Travis Kelce knee injury,

"That spot in his knee which is in a non-weight bearing area and that’s why he could run without pain but he couldn’t get in and out of his stance. That needed to have a micro-fracture procedure, so right now he just came back to us today to start the rehab. We’ll let John Dorsey and Coach Reid decide what his future is with the team in terms of this year and practices and games, and we’ll continue to rehab and try to get that knee quieted down."

Andy Reid spoke on Justin Houston,

"He’s going through all of that protocol and so far he’s been cleared of any signs of that. That’s a plus. But we’re taking him through that whole protocol on that and just making sure. The kid has done a nice job and we don’t want to do anything to jeopardize him at all."

It’s Raiders week around Arrowhead, Coach Reid has this to say about the upcoming rivalry game,

"We look forward to the challenge of playing the Oakland Raiders. Our football team understands the rivalry and the significance of that. It’s also very important that with that said, to make sure that you take care of the fundamentals and learning the game plan. The guys are going to do that. They’re going to focus in today and make sure that we get that part accomplished and then we’ll play the game on Sunday."

The importance of rivalries,

"You start it when you’re in little league, you have rivalries there, then it goes into high school, you have rivalries, then college you have rivalries. There are few of those in the National Football League that are good and this is one of those. This is an exciting sport, but this allows you to get even a little more excited…But listen, the bottom line is that you need to prepare yourself as a football team, that’s what you have to do. You have to put that part aside for right now and get yourself right and make sure you understand the game plan."

If you are a Chiefs fan you have heard the many rumors of bringing back Tony Gonzalez and Andy Reid was asked about that today as well.

"That’s not even—he’s on another team. I don’t even know where that came from, really. It’s got to end now because you can’t—there’s nothing there."