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Five Keys to Victory: Chiefs vs. Giants


Every week, we here at Arrowhead Addict break down the Kansas City Chiefs’ matchup of the week and predict five things the team will have to do in order to win. Welcome to Five Keys to Victory.

Here we are, Addicts. This is the final game of the “first quarter” of the season. The Chiefs have the opportunity to 4 -0 for the first time since the Trent Green led Chiefs did it in 2003 on their way to the AFC West Championship and the “No Punt Bowl” against the Indianapolis Colts in the playoffs.

However, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, the Chiefs need to work on this week’s opponent. In order for them to beat the New York Giants, they’ll have to accomplish several tasks. Here we go.

Key #1: Run the Ball Early

The Chiefs have done a great job of grinding out the ball on the ground at the end of the game when the victory is in the bag. It’s nice that “garbage time” is on the other end of the spectrum from last season, still Chiefs fans (and some members of the coaching staff if the NFL Network TNF commentators are to be believed) would like to see Reid using Jamaal Charles in his more traditional role earlier in the game than the last half of the 4th Quarter.

Key #2: Do Not Let Cruz Defile the Endzone with a Salsa Dance

I said on this week’s episode of AA Radio that many people forget that as bad as the Giants are playing, they still have Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz on this team. It was bad enough that former Chief, Tony Gonzales, dunked a touchdown celebration in his old home on opening season last year. I just don’t think I could deal with it, if Cruz catches one of his patented 80 yard receptions from quarterback Eli Manning and does the salsa in the endzone. Chiefs’ secondary, I’m talking to you.

Key #3: Give Manning Something to Tell His Brother During Their Next Phone Call

The Giants offensive line is terrible. I mean, they’re absolutely atrocious. They let the younger Manning get planted nine times last week. With the league leading sack defense, it should be nothing to get to the quarterback at least 10 times. In fact, if Justin Houston were going to go for that single game sack record, I would say there is no time like the present. Sack him early and often. A frazzled Manning leads to a twitchy Manning which leads to…

Key #4: Interception Time on Eli Manning

Don’t confuse Eli for his older brother. While Peyton is lighting up teams and leads the league in touchdown passes, his little brother leads the league in throwing picks. We know this Chiefs team is capable of intercepting the ball. They’ve done it four times already, one of them being the “dream come true” for safety Eric Berry as he returned an errant Michael Vick pass last week for a TD. The Chiefs need to keep Manning in the business of giving the ball away.

Key #5: A Touchdown for the Bearded Wonder

I’m fairly confident that if the Chiefs can check Keys 1-4 off the list, they’ll win the game. So, I’m throwing this in for good measure. Chiefs tight end Sean McGrath is quickly becoming one of my favorite players on the team. Granted, he’s got six catches in the last two games for over 60 yards, but his enthusiasm and his beard are hard to miss. I want to see what this guy does if he finds pay dirt. Will he spike it? Will he dunk it? Will he let his beard do any of those things? Quarterback Alex Smith needs to look for McGrath when they’re in the redzone. I can’t wait to see what happens.

There you have it, Addicts. Those are my keys to a victory against the Giants! Did I miss anything? Let me know! Either way, enjoy the game and GO CHIEFS!!!