President Barack Obama Rips Chiefs’ Passing Game


Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Barack Obama, the President of the United States, was in Kansas City this past weekend and took it upon himself to critique the Chiefs’ passing game.

Obama, who is from Chicago and is a self-professed Chicago sports fan, was at an auto plant in Kansas City to talk about the economy. Being the charismatic and light-hearted speaker he can be at times, the President decided to throw in some good ole’ trash talk as well.

Brian Foster of reported on the “speech”:

"“When I said I was flying into Kansas City to see an incredible success story in action, I did not think I was going to be talking about the Chiefs,” President Obama joked.The crowd returned with a loud “CHIEEEEEEEEEFS.”“Before you get carried away,” the President continued,” I just want to point out that the Bears are 2-0.”The crowd then booed.“I’m just saying,” the President said.  “And we’re able to pass for more than 10 yards,” the President then joked again.More boos were heard across the crowd.“Just a little trash talking, we’ll see how we’re looking at the end of the season.”"

Obviously the Commander In Chief was having a little fun with Chiefs Kingdom, and from my perspective, it’s cool to see political leadership “coming down to our level,” per se, and talking about sports. Let’s not make this anything more than what it was though, and please, for the love of the Chiefs, let’s not get political in the comments today, okay?

For the record, both the Chiefs and Bears are 3-0.