The Chiefs in Arrowhead: Home Sweet Home


John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

I remember a time when Kansas City Chiefs fans could pencil in at least five victories in any upcoming season, without even looking at the schedule. I remember sideline reporters clutching decimal meters, and screaming into their microphones, reporting on the noise as Arrowhead thundered with the screams of 80,000 rabid fans cloaked in bright red. I remember Jeff George and the Raiders falling victim to crowds at Arrowhead like many, many teams have in seasons past. I remember a home field advantage.

But the Chiefs haven’t had a winning home record since 2010, and they have only won 6 of their last 12 games at Arrowhead Stadium.

So why is this? It seems to come down to a “chicken or the egg” question. Did bad teams result in lowered attendance and lack of a home field advantage? Or, did lowered attendance result in poor home football?

A look at the numbers doesn’t strongly support either argument. In Kansas City’s defensive heyday under Head Coaches Marty Shottenheimer and Gunther Cunningham, the Chiefs won 117 games. Of those 117 victories, 73 of them were at home. That’s good for 62.3% of Chief victories during that time being won at home. From 2001-2012 (Vermeil, Edwards, Haley, Crennel) the Chiefs won 82 games, 50 of them being at home. That’s 60.9% of their total victories.

Though the “mystique” of Arrowhead Stadium seems to have dwindled, the reality is that the Chiefs can still thank their home field for over 60% of their total victories since 1989. Even after The team as a whole may have played sub-par football for the last few years, but without Arrowhead, it could have been worse.

The Chiefs have 4 of their next 5 games at home. Will we see crowds reminiscent of those from the 90’s? Will the Chiefs be able to use Arrowhead to their advantage?

What’s your take Addicts? How many games do the Chiefs win at home this season?