When Will The Kansas City Chiefs Lose A Game?


Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-0 for the first time since 2010, a year that saw them win the AFC West with a 10-6 record.

The 2013 Chiefs share a lot of similarities with the 2010 squad. Both teams faced a rather easy schedule and relied on careful, if not unspectacular, QB play.

The major difference with the 2013 team, however, is a dominant defense. The 2010 KC defense was solid but they played a bend but don’t break style under then defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel. This year’s Chiefs defense is much more talented and much more aggressive.

Looking ahead at the Chiefs’ schedule, I am having a difficult time finding a game in the near future that I don’t think KC can win.

Here is a look at the Chiefs’ next few games:

vs. Giants
@ Titans
vs. Raiders
vs. Texans
vs. Browns
@ Bills
@ Broncos

The Giants are currently 0-2 and are playing the Carolina Panthers today. It is never a good idea to underestimate the Giants but New York’s recent troubles with turnovers is a concern. Considering the Chiefs are very good at taking the ball away, there is a very good chance KC could be heading to 4-0.

The Titans are a little underrated but are beatable. The same can be said about the Raiders. There is a very real possibility that the Chiefs could be sitting at 6-0 when the Houston Texans come to town.

The Texans will present perhaps the toughest challenge of the season for the Chiefs. I could see this being the game that finally ends the Chiefs’ winning streak. Houston can score and if KC doesn’t have its offense in better shape soon, this could be a hard game to win.

Should the Chiefs manage to get by the Texans, things start to get really exciting. The Browns are trying to do everything they can to lose as many games of possible this season and the Bills are starting a rookie passer. It is very unlikely but don’t rule out the possibility of a battle of undefeated teams when the Chiefs visit Denver.

No game is a gimme in the NFL. My prediction for the Chiefs’ first loss is vs. the Texans. I worry quite a bit about the game against the Giants but Andy Reid is so good coming out of the Bye Week that I think the extra time to prepare could be a huge asset for KC vs. New York.

What do you think, Addicts? When will the Chiefs lose their first game?