Chiefs Fans Sound Off On Epic 3-0 Start


Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-0 after beating the Philadelphia Eagles in Philly last night on national telivision.

You read that right, the Chiefs are 3-0.

Not only is Kansas City undefeated so far, but they’re looking good in the process. Alex Smith and the offense have done their job, taking care of the ball and putting points on the board.

The defense, though, has been borderline elite. Bob Sutton’s unit is flying all over the field getting after quarterbacks and causing turnovers.

Great defense + smart offense + great special teams= time will only tell, but we took to Twitter and asked you, the Addicts, to sound off on your thoughts about this 3-0 start.

Your thoughts are as follows.

Who needs cautious optimism, right?

Well, I guess some of us are still feeling cautious:

This Addict is taking a wise approach to the season:

Could it be?

Now this is a great tweet. Spot on, it’s time we start looking at this team differently. The Andy Reid era boasts a completely different football team and vibe:

It’s true, defense does win championships:

Let’s end with this great stat. Go Chiefs:

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