Chiefs’ Coach Andy Reid Talks About Being 3 – 0


Sep 19, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid along the sidelines during the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. The Chiefs defeated the Eagles 26-16. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are back in the “Fountain City” and head coach Andy Reid is back in his office at One Arrowhead Drive. He took a few minutes to call into Sports Radio 810 WHB and talk to Kevin Kietzman on “Between the Lines.” I jotted down some notable quotes for you Addicts to chew on as we finish up this “Victory Friday.”

Kietizman began the interview asking Coach Reid how he thought the game went last night. Andy’s reply was pretty short and to the point in regards to his offense.

"“We can tighten some things up.”"

When asked about the team as a whole, Reid only had good things to say.

"“They come to work every day and want to get better.”"

Kietzman asked the coach about the team he inherited. He only had great things to say about the previous regime.

"“There were pretty good coaches and a great general manager here before. You try to take the players you have and exploit all their talent.”"

Kietzman then moved to the Chiefs defense and how dominant they’ve been this season. This is what Reid had to say:

"“Bob Sutton and his staff have done a heck of a job. They just play hard and aggressive.”"

Earlier during his show, Kietzman was commenting on how impressed he was with Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe and the fact that he was running a designed down field block for WR Donnie Avery. He passed this onto Coach Reid.

"“First of all, Dwayne Bowe is a stud. The guy is tougher than shoe leather. He’s a team leader and I love his personality. He’s flamboyant, but when it’s time to work, he gets it done. When we needed him last night he had a huge catch on third down.”"

Kietzman then turned the conversation to the Chiefs offensive line.

"“The offensive line is young. When they settle down and get in the flow of the game, they get better. They just need to get some snaps under them before they get in rhythm.”"

When asked about going 3 – 0 and expectations for the rest of the season, Coach Reid was humble, confident.

"“We’re in this thing to win. I’m glad we had the opportunity to win last night. I’m proud of our guys.”"

The conversation then turned back to the defense and Kietzman asked for Reid’s thoughts on linebacker Justin Houston and defensive tackle Dontari Poe.

"“Justin Houston, my God, what can I say? And Dontari Poe. I’ve never been around a guy that big and athletic. Every day in practice he brings it. Every play.”"

Before ending the interview, Coach Reid gave his final thoughts.

"“This team loves to play the game. Every team writes its own story. The fans need to be fans and enjoy it and make life miserable for teams who come to Arrowhead.”"

That sounds like great advice from a great coach. We look forward to many more of these “victory days” from this coaching staff and team. What do you think, Addicts? Is Reid the answer the Chiefs have been looking for? Sound off below.