Chiefs Fan Gets Punched In The Face, Tasered By Police


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Dallas Cowboys 17-16 to move to 2-0 on the season, and while most in Chiefs’ Kingdom celebrated the awesome start to the 2013 season, not everybody was having a good day.

In particular, I can’t imagine the guy who got punched in the face and tasered twice by the police was feeling to great on Sunday.

Talk about a messy situation…

I wasn’t there so I can’t report on the scene, but let me direct you to this report from Bernie Augustine of

"Thirty seconds into the clip it appears that the man tries to bite one of the officers. The officer is later seen punching the man on the left side of his face. A Kansas City Police Department spokesman had no comment on the punch.According to the arrest report, officers responded to the section where Trenton J. Karlin was seated and allegedly pouring beers on people seated near him. When he was escorted into the concourse, Karlin became aggressive with police, shouting obsceneties at him before reaching for one of the officer’s belt, with one witness saying he thought Karlin was trying to get his hands on the officer’s gun, the report states."

I will say this, if you’re pouring beers (allegedly) on people at a football game, you deserve to get kicked out, if not arrested.

Not to assume, but one can only imagine that the beers had to have been pouring into his mouth as well leading up to this incident, because most sober people don’t normally act like that much of a fool in public. For the record, it was described that he had the odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath. No surprise.

Pouring beer on people is one thing, trying to bite an officer and allegedly trying to get your hands on an officer’s gun is another, and that’s bad news. I’m not surprised this guy got tased twice.

Is the punch in the face a bit excessive? Perhaps, but I’m not a student of the law, so I’m not 100-percent qualified to make a judgement on that. From what I see here, the officers are doing their best to subdue an unruly fan. That punch may have gone overboard, but then again, so did the bite, the beer pouring, and everything else this madman did (allegedly).

I’ll leave you with the YouTube video of the incident. Keep in mind, language on here is NSFW, so watch at your own risk.