Chiefs vs Cowboys: What Dallas Media Is Saying


Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that Dallas fans love them some Dallas and judging by what the Dallas media has been saying, they sincerely expect this to be an easy win for their team. Well Dallas, I have some bad news. This game will not be as easy as you think. In fact, it won’t be easy at all. You may think you’re facing one of the worst teams in the league and judging by the win/loss ratio alone, you’d be correct, but when it comes to sheer talent and coaching, Dallas is in for one hell of a game. Those blue and silver blinders seem to block out all logic for Dallas fans. Skip Bayless is a perfect example of this, though Skip wears blinders regarding a multitude of subjects.

I’ve read one writer claim that Jamaal’s injury is going to stifle him to the point of ineptitude. I read another writer claim there will be 25,000 Cowboys fans at Arrowhead this Sunday, over a quarter of the stadium’s capacity. I even read one writer mock the fact that our defense is ranked first in the NFL. I, on a personal level, cannot wait to see them eat their words. It amazes me that a fanbase with limited success in the last 20 years has the unmitigated gall to assume victory. And I don’t just mean that they have pride in their team and they believe it based on numbers or match ups. They have completely written off our talent and tonight when they are making their excuses, they’ll still find a way to not acknowledge it.

On the other hand, I suppose that’s what all fans tend to do. I suppose I may be doing that right now, but at least I can recognize our team’s shortcomings as opposed to ignoring them. This WILL be a competitive game and whether the Chiefs win or lose, I’m proud of the progress they’ve made in this short period of time.

This article is in no way meant to be a shot at Dallas media. It’s merely a taste of their own medicine. Nearly every article I read degraded our team and I don’t feel bad standing up for them. If you’ll notice, I said nothing about the Dallas players. There is no doubt that they have remarkable talent, but so do we. I’m not going to predict a win for either side but what I will predict is one fan base is going to be sweating today and it’s a cool 74 degrees in Kansas City.