Report: Haley Did Write ‘Chiefs Suck’ On Napkin


David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we told you that Deadspin had run a story involving former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley writing “Go Steelers! Chiefs Suck!!” on a napkin he was signing for a fan in a Pittsburgh area bar and now Pro Football Talk is reporting that Haley will confirm he did indeed sign the napkin.

From PFT:

"Yes, Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley was in a hotel bar the night before the Steelers coordinated very little offense against the Titans. Yes, the former Chiefs head coach signed a note that said, “Go STEELERS! CHIEFS SUCK!!”Per a league source, Haley will acknowledge those basic facts, which appeared Wednesday afternoon on Deadspin, during his weekly press conference with reporters. Haley will meet with the media after Thursday’s practice."

There was another part of the Deadspin story that alleged Haley was being heckled and harassed by a drunken patron and that the former Chiefs coach responded by using a gay slur directed at the man. PFT reports that Haley will deny that part of the story.

As I mentioned yesterday, I reckon Haley was just having a little bit of fun. He is, after all, working for the Pittsburgh Steelers now. The move was probably ill-advised (it did end up on Deadspin) but it was also harmless. I think Chiefs fans have a pretty good sense of humor and can laugh about some good old fashioned trash talk.

As for the other incident, it will be interesting to see if any cell phone videos pop up after Haley’s denial. These days, especially if you are a public figure, there is always a chance someone is recording your actions.