Five Keys to Victory: Chiefs vs. Jaguars


Aug 24, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles (25) is forced out of bounds by Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons (94) in the first half at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Every week, we here at Arrowhead Addict break down the Chiefs’ matchup of the week and predict five things the team will have to do in order to win. Welcome to Five Keys to Victory.

We made it, Addicts. We are less than an hour from kickoff. In a huge change from last year, the Chiefs are actually favored against the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, this could be a huge “trap” game for the Chiefs, so they shouldn’t look past the Jags. Here is this week’s “Five Keys to Victory.”

Key #1: Start Fast

We’ve discussed it at length here at AA, but the Chiefs have traditionally not been a team who can make that fast start. Other than a couple of exceptions last year, the Chiefs weren’t able to score on their first drive, much less in the first quarter. This year, the offense must start fast and keep the gas pedal pushed to the floorboard for all 60 minutes.

Key #2:  Put Pressure on “Footsteps” Gabbert

I said earlier this week in the AA Radio podcast with Andrew Kulha that Gabbert reminds of the famous ficticious quarterback from the movie “The Replacements.” When he’s pressured, he’s inaccurate. The Chiefs have potentially the most prolific pass rush in the league. There’s no reason they can’t rack up the sacks in this game.

Key #3: Contain MJD

One thing the Jaguars have in common with the Chiefs is the fact that their featured running back is the most talented man on the field. If the Chiefs hope to open the season with a win, they must stop the wily running back.

Key #4: Special Teams Must Show Something

So often, things that look awesome in preseason turn out to be a bust in the regular season. I hope that isn’t true with the Chiefs special teams unit. There are high expectations of this unit heading into the regular season. Let’s hope they haven’t peaked before they started.

Key #5: Shake that Monkey

The Chiefs have a huge monkey on their back. They are the team that many picked to go to the playoffs last year, before they went 2-14. Despite that record, some (not as many as last year) are picking them as the team to make the biggest comeback this year. Everyone says the team has more talent than most – on paper. That paper needs to translate to the field.

That’s it, Addicts. The first regular season edition of Five Keys. What do you think? Did I miss anything? Sound off below! As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!