The day is finally here. The offseason often seems long to me but I feel like this offse..."/> The day is finally here. The offseason often seems long to me but I feel like this offse..."/>

Chiefs vs. Jags: Preview And Some Poetry


The day is finally here. The offseason often seems long to me but I feel like this offseason flew by.

Change can do that.

The Kansas City Chiefs went through a total overhaul this offseason. Adding a new coach and staff, GM and starting QB makes for a lot of news to cover. Add in free agency and the draft and by the time we had a chance to catch our breath, the season was here.

We’re just hours away, so I thought I’d continue a little Arrowhead Addict tradition.

Twas The Morning Of Chiefsmas

‘Twas the morning of Chiefsmas, when all through the state,
Not a cooler was empty, the fans could not wait.
The tailgates were loaded, with some cheese and some bread,
While Jacksonville Jaguars fans began filling with dread.

The smokers were burning, sweet smells filled the air,
The beer cans were cracking, they were cracking in pairs.
My football was tucked, safely under my arm,
Thank God I’m not playing for I could do no harm.

When out in the driveway, I head such a noise,
I thought it was my wife, falling over the kids’ toys.
I moved to the window, to see what was at play,
Then I dropped my football, what I saw made my day.

He stood in the driveway, a bag on his arm,
He had red rosy cheeks and eyes at alarm,
His gut nice and round, his ‘stache made of fire,
He glanced at my car and then kicked the tire.

He said not a word but went straight to work,
Snatching my keys, opening my trunk with a smirk.
Clearing some space, he placed a big bag of Gates,
Ribs and burnt ends, some beans and corn cakes.

Next came the beer, but only one kind.
Boulevard Wheat, some ice and orange rind.
Then came the tickets and an all-knowing look,
He held up a binder, the big Chiefs playbook.

I’d say I was pleased but I was kind of bummed,
Though the gifts were so nice, the thought here was dumb.
“Coach, this is great,” I said with a sigh.
“But you’re playing on the road and my car cannot fly.”

He let out a laugh, like a madman or joker,
Then reached in his sack and pulled out a smoker!
Like none I had seen, it was silver and sweet,
Then he added magic wood-chips but not to cook meat.

He attached it to my car, right on the top,
Then he snapped his fingers and I heard a faint pop.
The car gave a start and rose off the ground,
I clambered inside, without making a sound.

He then turned and left and walked to his car,
I jumped started to follow, we weren’t going far.
Just down to Florida to kick some Jag tail,
A win was a must and the coach would not fail.

We finally arrived in the hot Florida sun,
The Chiefs warming up, this was going to be fun.
And I heard him exclaim, as we drove through the lot,
“Enjoy the tailgate, I saved you a spot.

I hope you enjoyed that. I’ve done one of these just about ever year since running Arrowhead Addict. One year I forgot it and did an offseason version, I think.

On to the game.

There is no understating how important this game is for the Chiefs and Andy Reid. The Chiefs are more talented, on paper, than the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is a game the Chiefs should not only win, they should win it easily.

The trick here is for the Chiefs to get out to a fast start. I was at the Monday Night Football game back in 2010 when the Chiefs knocked off the San Diego Chargers. That game set the tone for the entire season for the Chiefs. It is essential that the young Chiefs begin this season playing mistake-free football. Confidence is high right now and a confident football team is a dangerous football team.

Enjoy the game today, everyone.

And Happy Chiefsmas.