2014 NFL Draft: Quarterback Prospects You Should Know

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Johnny Manziel – 6’1 – 200lbs – Texas A&M

Ah, the infamous Johnny Manziel. What is there to say that hasn’t already been said? I’m not one of the people who think his off the field antics are anything to worry about. And please, let’s call them antics and not issues. I was Johnny’s age a mere seven years ago and I had my fair share of antics. I’d hate to think that they define who I am today. If the plight of Tim Tebow (and the indifference of Aaron Hernandez) has showed us anything, it’s that the NFL really doesn’t care about your off the field proclivities. You could be a saint or a sinner, but as long as you can ball, you can ball in the NFL.

Last year, as everyone knows, Manziel took the SEC by storm. Shattering Cam Newton’s all purpose yards in the single season record whilst playing two less games than Newton. He completed 68 percent of his passes for 3,706 yards with 26 touchdowns to 9 interceptions. He also ran for 1,410 yards with 21 touchdowns. Many of his runs came from his Ben Roethlisberger-esque ability to avoid the pass rush and scramble for yardage. Many were not designed runs.

As long as Johnny can keep his nose clean the rest of the season, he may be hoisting the Heisman Trophy yet again, but only if he can put up numbers comparable to last year. I don’t think any team should be afraid of drafting Johnny Manziel. The question is, where do you draft Johnny Manziel?