Chiefs vs. Packers Recap: Earning Their Arrowheads


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The preseason is officially over and most if not all in the City of Fountains and Chiefs Kingdom in general are looking ahead to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

It’s time to play some meaningful football, and long at last, it’s time to see what the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs are made out of.

A new general manager, coach, quarterback and faces mean nothing if they can’t produce when the rubber meets the road, so this 2013 season is going to be integral if the Andy Reid era of Chiefs football is to be successful.

With that said, it’s a tradition here at Arrowhead Addict to pass out Arrowheads to the three best players of the previous game. So, for one last time, let’s take a quick look back into the preseason and the three best players from the Packers game.

Arrowhead #3: Tyler Bray, QB

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With Alex Smith not getting in the game due to the fact that it was the last clash of the preseason, Tyler Bray was essentially asked to be “the man” for Kansas City. He responded by completing 14-of-25 passes for 169 yards, three touchdowns and one interception.

Bray is not yet starting material, but he has shown some good things this preseason. At 6’6”, 215 pounds, he has tremendous potential, so look for him to become a long-term project of sorts.

Arrowhead #2: Junior Hemingway, WR

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Junior Hemingway may have solidified his spot on the roster with his performance in this game. He was somewhat of an “on the bubble” player heading into the game, so he needed to deliver. Thankfully for Hemingway, he came away with seven receptions for 80 yards and one score. He could end up being a pretty good utility wideout for the Chiefs in 2013.

Arrowhead #1: Chiefs Fans

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Okay, so perhaps this doesn’t stick to the format, but the fans deserve the biggest shout out this week. This was game No. 4 of the preseason mind you, which is essentially the most boring game of them all. The starters don’t usually play and it essentially becomes a battle of the backups.

That was the game we saw at Arrowhead, but you wouldn’t have known it if you were listening to the fans there. They were loud, rowdy and into the game like it was the Super Bowl.

Kansas City is known for having great fans, and their passion—even in the preseason— is a huge reason why.