Chiefs vs. Packers: Arrowhead Addict Meet Up Information


John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the last game of the preseason is here and it’s going to be a good one at Arrowhead.

The Green Bay Packers are in town playing the role of the Chiefs final test of the preseason. It will be an interesting game to watch, especially if you’re lucky enough to have tickets to be at Arrowhead tonight.

I don’t want to take your attention away from the game, but I will be in attendance at the game tonight and I feel this is the perfect opportunity to have our first Arrowhead Addict meet up.

A ton of our readers will undoubtedly be at the game, so this would give me a chance to meet you and for you to meet me. We can talk about the direction of Arrowhead Addict, and of course, we can talk about the Chiefs.

There may also be a chance for you to meet some of the other writers we have on staff, so this will be an exciting time.

If you’re going to the game and are interested in this, please comment below so I can gauge the numbers and what to expect. Perhaps we’ll just meet for a beverage at one of the Chiefs bars. I think that’s probably the best option.

I’d love to meet you and talk about Arrowhead Addict, so please let me know if you’re interested.