Chiefs vs. Packers: Who Earned Their Spot?


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Reid decided to sit his starters tonight, and the reserves responded. The Chiefs crushed the Packers 30-8, led by an impressive performance by the rookie, Tyler Bray.

This game wasn’t as much for Bray, however. He’s already made this team. This game was for the fringe guys. The guys that needed the opportunity to show just a little more. The following is a list of battles that were evident on Thursday night.

The Receivers

At the half, I was feeling a bit sorry for Frankie Hammond, and although I still don’t think he makes the team, he did redeem himself with not one, but two nice returns and a touchdown catch. He’s got a lot of competition, but he definitely showed his desire to make the team tonight.

Junior Hemingway caught 7 balls for 80 yards, and a score (his second of the preseason). I would be surprised if Junior didn’t make this squad. I’ve felt from the get-go that this regime valued him a lot more than the last, and he’s taking advantage of that good faith.

Josh Bellamy hauled in a deep throw by Tyler Bray for six, Wylie was hurt early, and Rico Richardson was a bit quiet. Should Devon Wylie and Travis Kelce’s injuries be serious, it will be interesting to see the effect that could have on the construction of this roster.

Who do the Chiefs end up keeping?

The Running Backs

I’ve been a Cyrus Gray critic, but I think I’m changing my mind about the kid. He’s got a great burst, and hits the hole hard.  While Draughn has been ahead of him on the depth chart all offseason, Gray out-shined him tonight. Will it be enough to make the team?

The Linebackers

Both ILB Darin Drakeford and ILB Orie Lemon played very well tonight. In the first half, Drakeford showed some serious wheels when he chased down a galloping Vince Young. That was a play I made note of, as he seemed to come out of nowhere. He ended the night with three tackles, and a forced fumble. Lemon also played well with six solo tackles on the night.

In a 30-8 victory, there are usually a ton of contributors. This is especially true for the final preseason game, where coaches are trying to get as many final looks as they can. There was urgent play all around, but I felt the above position groups showed the most urgency in their play. What about you, Addicts? Anybody shine that I didn’t mention? Who do you think makes the cut?