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Kansas City Chiefs’ Preseason 2014 Draft Needs


This season can aptly be termed the season of new beginnings, for both the Kansas City Chiefs and Arrowhead Addict. Clark Hunt cleaned house and brought in Andy Reid and John Dorsey. Sorry Scott Pioli, as you know, it’s a process and you were deemed not a part of the right 53. Here at Arrowhead Addict, Patrick Allen got promoted and we have a brand new lead editor, Andrew Kulha. Still, here I still am, just as grumpy as always, but focused on the long term.

It’s not just me. Over at Drafttek, we have been pumping out 2014 mock drafts since June. Yes, the draft lamp is always lit for Merlin’s Magic and Drafttek. There should be a new mock draft out in early September. Right now, it is only one round, but that will expand. Keeping draft needs in mind is a good way to analyze the current team. So, how are the Chiefs stacking up and where are the needs? Every time the Chiefs change regimes, I have to alter my approach to the draft needs. How does John Dorsey draft? What is he looking for? Frankly, John Dorsey is a major pain in my ass. He wants to be two deep at every position and draft purely for value. It’s a great goal, but make predicting his moves very difficult. So, to reflect his approach, you will see me group more and more needs together. That will open the door to a more best player available approach. However, there are still needs that are more important than others. This is a window into my current thinking. Keep in mind, with a whole season to play, lots will change as players emerge or don’t emerge.

Primary needs: WR, LOT, CB

I had WR as a primary need even before the Baldwin trade. That trade only makes this need a stronger one. You can easily argue that a WR to complement Dwayne Bowe is the biggest need on the team. Some one really has to step up to move this need down on the list.

The LOT need is where I can see fans seeing red. Why another left tackle? I hate to predict players leaving, but we have to be honest about the facts. Scott Pioli tried to sign Branden Albert to a long term contract. John Dorsey tried as well. Both men failed. Obviously, Albert feels his value is higher than two Chiefs General Mangers have felt. Baring something major happening, Albert will not be a Chief in 2014. So, why a left tackle when the Chiefs drafted Eric Fisher last year? The LOT need is more of a skill set need than a positional need. This gets back to why Pioli and Dorsey don’t agree with Albert on his value. The old ROT skill set (bigger, less athletic, stronger than the LOT) is going away. The ROT/LOT distinction is becoming irrelevant. The skill set needed for both tackles is the left tackle skill set. The effect of this is to devalue the LOT and raise the value of the ROT. The Chiefs could easily draft another Offensive Tackle and move Fisher to the LOT spot. It is boring, I grant you. However, games are won in the trenches.

With Flowers and Smith, why another CB? This one is easier to answer. As the NFL goes more pass happy, you need three good corners. I view Dunta Robinson as a short term rental. We need a young corner to develop.

Secondary needs: OG/C, DE, S

These are backup oriented needs. Anyone get deja vu watching Chase Daniel, Tyler Bray and Ricky Stanzi run for their lives when the Chiefs’ backup offensive lineman were in the game? It was embarrassing and needs to change. Granted, some of those players will not be Chiefs when the season starts. However, there was a reason the Chiefs reached out to Ryan Lilja to get him to play again.

I don’t see a lot behind Jackson and DeVito. So, another DE is very possible. One thing I am keeping an eye on is Bob Sutton’s use of Dontari Poe. I can see Sutton using Poe like Ngata is used in Baltimore. That is, more of a DT than a NT. Remember, Kelly Gregg was the NT in that defense. If Poe is used that way, that opens the door for Powe/Toribio and possibly drafting another NT.

Safety depth appears to be in better shape, but it never hurts to bring in someone to compete. I want Kendrick Lewis pushed. Let the best man win.

Tertiary needs: QB, RB, NT, OLB, ILB

This pretty much hits the rest of the positions, outside of a FB and TE. As you get to the later rounds of the draft you are looking for someone who can come in and compete somewhere/anywhere.

Ok Addicts, that’s my take before the regular season. What do you all think?