Chiefs vs. Steelers: Analyzing The First Half


Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs and Steelers are currently squaring off in Pittsburg for preseason game No. 3 of the 2013 season.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch a football game like the editor for Arrowhead Addict?

You probably haven’t, but just incase you have, here are my notes and analysis for every series in the first half.

Special Teams:

-Special teams can truly swing momentum, and it looks like the Chiefs dodged a proverbial bullet.

Offensive Series No. 1:

-Donnie Avery gets the first two targets and two catches Nice throws from Smith. I have a feeling those were scripted plays, get Avery some touches.

-Oh hey, how awesome is it to see Jamaal Charles gashing the defense? Nice hole there, but also a great run from Charles.

-And he was tackled in the backfield the very next play…

-DWAYNE BOWE GOT HIS FIRST CATCH. Celebrate good times, come ‘on.

-Smith starts off 3-for-3. Remember when I said that we’ll see the real Alex Smith tonight? See how he responds to last week and how he bounces back? 3-for-3 is a small sign, but a good sign.

Defensive Series No. 1:

-Sean Smith simply got outrun and beat deep. Great throw by Big Ben in the face of pressure from Hali.

-Mike DeVito is a big dude. The broadcast is calling him a “lunch pail guy”.

-After a big play on the first drive, once again, the defense plays big and keeps Pittsburgh to just a field goal. Like seeing that kind of resiliency on defense.

Offensive Series No. 2:

-Jamaal Charles in for series No. 2. I, for one, am a bit surprised, but I like the confidence in Charles by Reid.

-Avery with another reception. Are we seeing the emergence of a No. 2 WR?

-Third and one, go to Charles. He keeps moving and churning his feet after contact. Picks up extra yards, brings up fourth and short.

-Great to see Reid going for it, again. Preseason football, baby.

-And Troy Polamalu gets some incredible penetration into the backfield there. Shot the gap and made a big play. That’s why he’s a star in the NFL.

Defensive Series No. 2: 

-Sean Smith has great length as a cornerback. Really like what he brings to the defense.

-Jeez, Roethlisberger just makes plays out there. Fun to see one of the best quarterbacks in the league playing football.

-Derrick Johnson with a great sack.

-Roethlisberger makes a great play avoiding the rush and setting up that touchdown pass. Hali almost got a sack here, but he lost outside leverage in the process. Big Ben scrambles and finds a wide open Steeler walking into the end zone.

-Sometimes you just have to shake your head at the plays a talented football player makes. Nothing you can do…

Offensive Series No. 3:

-Junior Hemingway lets a bubble pass go right through his hands. It was a high throw, but you’ve got to make that catch.

-Charles tripped over his own feet. Wonder if that had to do with the time he missed in the past week or two?

-Three and out. Punting from the end zone. Awesome series.

Defensive Series No. 3:

-Dontari Poe making tackles out on the edges. He’s going to be a star this year. Mark. My. Words.

-Eric Berry calls playing inside the box being “inside the paint”. That’s simply awesome.

-Roethlisberger is soo good throwing on the run. To bad his teammates chop block (it wasn’t a chop block).

-Pittsburgh going with draws and roll outs right now. Wonder if they’re trying to negate the Chiefs’ aggressiveness?

Offensive Series No. 4:

-Charles is still out there. Safe to say we can put the injury concerns to rest now.

-Avery with his fourth catch of the night. We may have a No. 2 wide receiver folks.

-Smith looking sharp. Bowe getting involved in the offense (guarantee you it’s because Avery is catching passes). Good stuff right now.

-Pass protection much better today.

-Junior Hemingway apparently has butter on his hands.

-Knile Davis in the game now. Wonder if this means Charles is done?

-Avery with another catch.

-Lots of good things on this drive, but it still ends in a punt. It’s only preseason, but in the regular season, that would be considered a loss.

Defensive Series No. 4:

-Tyson Jackson is having a good game today. Making some good plays in the run game.

-The secondary has not been all that impressive so far. Getting beat for some big gains.

Special Teams: 

-Blocked field goal. This group is going to really change some games. Tysyn Hartman makes his second big play of the preseason.

Offensive Series No. 5: 

-Alex Smith can run ladies and gentlemen. That’s an X-factor that he brings to the position. Also, that wasn’t a late hit. Anthony Fasano blocked the Steelers’ player into Smith.

-Can’t get a touchdown when you’re basically handed a first and goal? That’s unacceptable, even in the preseason.

Defensive Series No. 5:

-Ben Roethlisberger looks like he’s playing 7-on-7 out there in regard to the passing game.

-Tysyn Hartman makes another big play on the blitz. He should be on the roster when all is said and done. Really standing out this preseason.

-Defense does a great job getting the ball back to the offense with just over a minute left. One timeout.

Offensive Series No 6: 

-DWAYNE BOWE HAS CAUGHT HIS THIRD RECEPTION. Celebrate good times come-on.

-Anthony Fasano is going to be a great target for the Chiefs in 2013. Really like the matchups he’ll present at tight end for Smith.

-Smith took a HUGE hit on the bootleg. Gets right back up. That’s good stuff right there folks. That’s how a quarterback earns the respect of his teammates and becomes a leader.

-Smith 4-for-4 on this drive. Impressive.

-Dwayne Bowe makings plays tonight. Very impressed by the two-minute offense here.

-Touchdown Chiefs. Can’t ask for more, Addicts.