Chiefs’ Eric Berry Describes Kansas City’s Defense As “Organized Aggression”


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When a defense is allowed to be aggressive, said defense has the chance to make some special plays.

Defense, by its very nature, is reactionary, but the game has evolved to the point where coordinators have found a way to use blitzes, stunts and personnel to force an offense’s hand and control the tempo and feel of the game.

Gone are the days where the offense is exclusively moving the “chess pieces” per say . Nowadays, the offense has to react to the defense just as much as the defense must react to the offense.

Look at the read-option for example. It’s all about reading what the defense is doing.

That’s good news for the Chiefs, because  defensive coordinator Bob Sutton has implemented an aggressive scheme, and Kansas City has the personal to really set the tone of a game.

With a nose tackle like Dontari Poe shooting the gaps, great linebackers filling the lanes and a safety like Eric Berry playing tough at the line of scrimmage, Sutton’s defense has the chance to be special.

Berry recently talked to the press about the defensive scheme, and specifically the aggressiveness that seemingly got Kansas City in trouble when Frank Gore cut it back for 52 yards in preseason game No. 2:

"“No, we aren’t concerned. I mean, there is always a concern, but I think we’re kind of excited. Speaking on the play last week, everybody is trying to get to the ball, but I think it’s more like organized aggression you could say. Everybody moves to the ball fast but still does their job first. I think we all just over played the play. If it was any other running back, I don’t know if they would have tried to cut that right there. Frank Gore just made a heck of a play. We have to be prepared for stuff like that. I think that really helped us, and I’m glad that happened during the preseason.”"

Berry also talked about playing behind the line of scrimmage. Considering he’s a safety, that’s a tell-tale sign that the Chiefs are really looking to be aggressive in 2013:

"It’s a lot of fun, but at the same time, it’s a lot of work too. Just knowing that at any given time you’re dealing with linemen a lot and they’re 300 plus; I’m 210 dealing with them. Coach always gives me a lot of confidence while we’re in our meetings and helps me. He just tells me to use my speed as much as I can. There will be times where I have to take linemen on and stuff like that, but as much as I can use my speed, that’s going to be my advantage down there. He tells me to use my instincts as well. He knows that I have a certain responsibility, but if I feel like I can make a play here or there just go ahead and make that play and we’ll discuss it later on in meetings.”"

Apart from that big play by Gore, the Chiefs’ defense has looked solid this preseason. Poe has been all over the place up the middle and the starting secondary has played well. Sean Smith, in particular, has great length and the size to be physical, and Berry is undoubtedly a star.

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Combine that with a scheme that Berry characterized as “organized aggression”, and Chiefs’ fans should have some very high expectations for Kansas City’s defense in 2013.

Note: Quotes Via Chiefs Communications