Chiefs vs. 49ers: Notes And Thoughts On Chiefs’ Starters


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The Kansas City Chiefs lost to the San Francisco 49ers 15-13 in preseason game No. 2 of the Andy Reid era.

Even though it was a preseason game, there was a lot to learn from watching this clash. Coach Reid and his staff left the starters out for the whole first half, so we got to see a lot of what Kansas City might have to offer in 2013.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be inside the mind of an Arrowhead Addict editor while a game is going on? I’m sure none of you have, but I took notes through every series the first team played none the less.

Here are my thoughts on the Chiefs’ starters.

First Offensive Series

-I still think Anthony Fasano is one of the most underrated pickups in free agency this year.

-Alex Smith has good mobility and foot speed. Really think KC should bootleg him often.

-Gutsy call from Andy Reid going for it on fourth down on the first drive. Nice spin move from Knile Davis to get the first down.

-Travis Kelce drops an easy pass. Hit him right in the hands, great throw from Smith. Need to catch those, rook.

-Another dropped pass, this time from Cyrus Gray. Had this problem today with my varsity running backs at practice. You’ve got to look the ball in and make sure you have it before you turn up field.

First Defensive Series

-What a run by Frank Gore. Jeez, this guy is good. Saw that lane and cut it back. Nice to see a block downfield from Colin Kaepernick.

-Akeem Jordan was another underrated pickup for the Chiefs. Veteran guy, knows Andy Reid’s coaching style.

-Dunta Robinson got beat on a should have been touchdown on the 49ers first drive. Kaepernick just overthrew it.

Special Teams

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-Quintin Demps, Quintin Demps! Great return, phenomenal blocking. This special teams unit could end up being great.

Second Defensive Series

-Kaepernick done for the night. Colt McCoy plays for the Chiefs? Who knew?

-Aggressive defense is going to be the calling card of this team.

-Sean Smith with a great jam at the line. Reaches his hand in the passing lane and gets the job done. Could be a great player for KC.

Second Offensive Series

-Good to see Davis catching a ball, though it only led to a punt.

Third Defensive Series

-49ers already on their third string quarterback. Apparently trying to get guys reps.

-Run defense does not look good at the moment.

-Dontari Poe may have lost weight, but jeez is he still a big guy. P.S. how does one live in KC and give up BBQ? Impossible.

-Oh man, didn’t realize that Robinson almost got a pick.

Third Offensive Series

-Davis looks like a patient runner. I like how he’s setting up blocks.

-Smith with a nice dart to Dexter McCluster. He’s such a dangerous weapon for KC. Hope Reid and his staff really utilize him in a lot of ways this season as a slot receiver.

-Smith can indeed throw more than ten yards. Overthrew Baldwin by at least five yards on a deep ball.

-It’s only preseason, but I’m starting to think Davis can be a more than competent backup to Jamaal Charles.

-Nice kick from Ryan Succop

Injury report:

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-Eric Fisher getting looked at again? I know linemen get their hands banged up all the time and this is probably just the broadcast bringing it up because it’s a talking point, but really man? Gotta keep those No. 1 overall pick hands healthy.

Fourth Defensive Series

-Can’t let Colt McCoy convert a third and long with his legs. Bad look…

-Colt McCoy looks like Cam Newton at the moment with his ability to run. Really?

-McCoy throws an inaccurate pass down field. That’s more like it.

-55-yard field goal? I know I’m not allowed to say anything good about opponents, but that was impressive.

Fifth Offensive Series

-Knile Davis takes a nice swing pass out of the backfield. Dink and dump, but as long as you’re moving the ball and scoring it’s all good.

-Fisher back in at right tackle, so I overreacted. My bad.

-Jon Baldwin, why can’t you catch? Use your hands to catch, not your chest plate. #CoachK

-Davis takes a nicely set up screen for 17 yards. Rookie looking good.

-Alex Smith with a simply bad throw. It happens.

Fifth Defensive Series

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-Sean Smith called for a pretty bad pass interference call. Officials need to get the preseason rust off too, I guess.

-Roughing the passer penalty here on Tyson Jackson. I think that’s a good call, at least by today’s standards.

-Chiefs’ run defense is improving a bit, but still not great.

-Eric Berry.

-Eric Berry.

-Going for it on fourth down 49ers? No dice. Meet, Mr. Robinson.

Sixth Offensive Series:

-Alex Smith is still in the game with six minutes left to go in the half. Nice to see Reid keeping him in.

-Smith gets “sacked”. Need to get rid of that thing.

Sixth Defensive Series:

-Berry making plays all over the field right now. He’s going to be a game-changer for KC this year.

-Smith with a big interception. Bad throw from the quarterback, but once again, Smith makes a play. Speaking of game-changers, he could end up being a great player for KC.

Seventh Offensive Series:

-Roughing the passer call on SF. Man, the 49ers really got after A. Smith there. He got his head knocked pretty good. Helmet right to the facemask. He looks fine though.

-First time I think I’ve heard Dwayne Bowe’s name called tonight. Was that really his first target with three minutes left in the first half?

-Fasano = safety net for AS11.

-49ers really getting after Alex Smith. Can’t settle for field goals when you’ve got it in the red zone. That’s something I’m sure coach Reid will talk about this week.

Seventh Defensive Series:

-At this point I’m just waiting for halftime. Looks like Dunta Robinson is hurt though. Sure it’s not that serious.

– Husain Abdullah is a nice backup. He makes plays out there.

Eight Offensive Series

-Are we going to see the two minute offense? Chiefs start off with a run…

-Knile Davis still making some very impressive runs.

Overall thoughts on Chiefs’ Starters:

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Decent half from the Chiefs’ starters. Davis was extremely impressive and the defense looked pretty good. The 49ers got a ton of pressure on Alex Smith so that’s something that KC will want to work on this next week in practice. Also, what’s with all the dropped balls?

Special teams was a highlight again and the secondary play was spectacular.

I saw a lot of good and some bad. It’s only the preseason, remember.

Kansas City has a lot to work on in the next few weeks, but the Chiefs also have some things they can build on.

What do you think, Addicts? Sound off below.