“It’s Bombs Over Baghdad,” Bowe On Chiefs Offense


Camp has broken. The Chiefs are just about out of there… meaning St. Joe. And players will be packing it up tomorrow. However, before players leave St. Joe, one very interesting interview took place around 4:30 this afternoon.

This was an interview from KCChiefs.com. Those present seemed to not hear what Dwayne Bowe had said.  Bowe was asked if he was packed yet as camp had ended in St. Joe and Bowe responded by saying,

"Not yet, not yet. It’s not over until tomorrow. Coach put us in that mindset of today might be a the last day of hard practice but, it’s still not over."

Then the “question” that many fans and media were wanting answered was thrown at Bowe. A reporter asked, “Dwayne, we haven’t seen the deep ball thrown, is that anything that concerns you at all?” Bowe responded by saying,

"No, not at all. We’re progressing. You know, um. Coach says you gotta crawl before you can walk. As long as were moving the chains the offense will be productive. You know it’s preseason. We working on some mechanics, we working on getting the ball thrown deep. So, it’s all a process. We just got one game down and three to go and then that’s when you’ll see the real season starts and that’s when you’ll see … bombs over Baghdad,” haha."

Bowe was the only one that laughed as if no one had heard him. I think it may be the most revealing comment a Chiefs player has made this off season. A whole hoard of Chiefs fans seem to think Alex Smith is going to “dink-and-dunk” the Chiefs offense all the way through the season. Bowe’s comment seems to say something different.

Mr. Bowe said more that was intriguing as well.

When asked, “Can you scout the DBs for us?” Bowe responded,

"Man, Brandon Flowers and Sean Smith… great, great defenders. If you can beat them at least two times in practice you’ve got a chance to beat another team… 12 times in a game. So, we just trying to work on beating those guys. Like I said when the season comes around and we face a different opponent we don’t see everyday, it’s going to be a different outcome."

When asked about Alex Smith and how he might respond emotionally to seeing old teammates when the Chiefs face the 49ers on Friday Bowe said,

"No, he said he’s over it man. He understands the business side of it and he’s gonna come out there and play football. Everybody’s trying to “gas up” the situation on when he left San Francisco but, he said it’s just football at the end of the day. He said, go out there and make plays, and just play under control and that’s what the offense plans on doing."

It’ll be one of those memorable “moments” of the preseason when Smith goes against his former teammates. However, Dwayne Bowe’s comment that, “When you’ll see the real season start… that’s when you’ll see … “bombs over Baghdad.” For me, that has to be the quote of the off season.

Now, let the bombing begin.

What do you think Addicts? Wouldn’t it be grand if the Chiefs develop their very own Bomb Squadron?