Alex Smith: Smart And Accurate Or Captain Checkdown?

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Play #4 – Shotgun Formation – 1 WR, 2 TEs (Moeaki split again), 1 FB (in slot again), JC in backfield

Situation – 1st and 10

Results – Smith scrambles for -1 yard

If you are looking for a play to criticize Smith for, this is probably one of only two real chances.  Fisher is about to lose containment of his man at the top of the screen forcing Smith to scramble.  It appeared to me that Smith was originally looking to go deep, but in addition to the six visible defenders in coverage there are two more deep behind them.  Smith was right not to throw long into that coverage but if he had made his reads quicker he could have hit JC at the bottom of the screen or Sherman who is coming across the Saints logo in the middle of the field.  Not a huge loss with defenders walled up behind them and it only being first down, but either option would have gained at least a few positive yards.