Alex Smith: Smart And Accurate Or Captain Checkdown?

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Play #5 – Shotgun Formation – 1 WR, 2 TEs (Moeaki split out), 1 FB (in slot), JC in backfield

Situation – 3rd and 7

Results – Pass to Fasano over the middle for 9 yards and a first down

This play is well covered by the Saints.  Both Moeaki at the top of the screen and Sherman near the bottom were jammed by their defender and didn’t get separation.  Bowe is headed deep but there is a CB waiting for him at the first down marker plus both safeties are back in coverage out of the screen.  That really only leaves Smith with Charles, who is being covered by the LB out of the backfield, or Fasano who has a step on his defender coming across the middle.  Again, Smith makes the right choice here in my opinion.  I also think it’s worth noting that on third down he chose to throw the ball even though Fasano had a man on him as opposed to scrambling or throwing the ball away.  He was aware of the situation and made the throw that needed to be made to extend the drive.