Kansas City Chiefs vs. New Orleans Saints: Talking Points and Preseason Game Info


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Let’s talk Kansas City Chiefs football.

The Chiefs head out tonight to face the Saints of New Orleans in the first preseason game of the Andy Reid era. Those who say that preseason football doesn’t matter would be wrong in this instance, because this is no ordinary preseason game.

This is the preseason game.

They don’t count until September, 8th, but there’s much more on the line than wins and losses for this Chiefs team.

Starting off on the right foot is imperative. Getting reps is integral. Evaluating players is crucial for coaches.

More than anything though, building an identity is paramount. That started in training camp, but now it’s time for Reid and his squad to show it off, and more importantly, refine it.

Talking Point: What does Alex Smith look like?

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Make no mistake about it, the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs will be defined by the play of Alex Smith. He’s going to have to be “the guy” for Kansas City if the Chiefs want to make any sort of turnaround this season.

He has a fresh start, a prolific offensive mind in Reid and some weapons surrounding him. Don’t expect to see him much— he’ll only play for  one quarter—but do expect consistency. He’s been around long enough and has started enough games in the NFL, so this should be nothing more than a glorified practice for him.

Takes notes on how he runs the offense. Watch his body language and see how comfortable he is making throws. It doesn’t matter if he goes 13-of-14 or 0-of-22, all that matters is that he looks focused, confident and poised out there tonight.

Talking Point: Welcome to the league, Eric Fisher. 

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Tonight is going to be a big night for Eric Fisher. Preseason or not, this is still going to be the first time he’ll strap on the pads, buckle up his chin strap and hit an opponent in the NFL. The Mercedes-Benz Superdome is going to be loud and excited, preseason or not, and this will be Fisher’s first opportunity to knock out some of those jitters.

This is a young man with a ton of pressure on his shoulders, so how will he respond? Going from Kelly/Shorts Stadium in Mt. Pleasant Michigan to the Superdome is going to be quite a transition.

At 6’8”, 305 pounds he’s big enough to shoulder the load for Kansas City. We’ll see what he’s really made of when he goes up against an NFL defensive lineman tonight.

Game Info 

Time: 7:00 p.m. CDT

Where: New Orleans, La., Mercedes-Benz Superdome

TV: Kansas City: KCTV Channel 5

Online: Check out this post from Patrick Allen.

Radio: 101.1 FM KCFX

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