Taking Training Camp Requests


Tomorrow I will be making my third annual road trip to St. Joseph for Chiefs training camp. If you’ve never been, I recommend it. However, as every year passes and the wonders of social media continue to grow it is now easier to get information than ever before. If you read AA everyday you’re already getting the latest important news out of camp. If you follow enough KC sports media people on Twitter you can almost get a play by play of what’s going on at each training camp practice.

Monday I’ll be posting my thoughts from attending training camp on Sunday. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve heard rumors that Sunday is the first day the Chiefs can be in full pads and I’m hoping I’ll get to see some hitting.

Here’s where you come in.

Since AA will already have any major news (should there be any) from Sunday morning’s practice covered well before I post my thoughts on Monday I thought I’d take this opportunity to take some requests on specific players that those of you that can’t make it to camp would like to hear about. I was thinking of non-big name players. There’s going to be a million reports on how Alex Smith is looking throughout camp (although I’m definitely going to watch him for a little while) and at this point we know what to expect from Jamaal Charles, Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, etc. I’m wondering which players that aren’t always getting the media attention that you’d like me to report on.

So if you have a specific player that you’re itching to know about just let me know in the comments section and tonight I’ll make up a little checklist to take to camp with me. If you’re planning on being at camp tomorrow then perhaps I’ll see you there!