Sorry we are a little late on this. Here is our camp report from day one, courtesy of Mi..."/> Sorry we are a little late on this. Here is our camp report from day one, courtesy of Mi..."/> Sorry we are a little late on this. Here is our camp report from day one, courtesy of Mi..."/>

Chiefs Camp Report: Day 1


Sorry we are a little late on this. Here is our camp report from day one, courtesy of Mike G. and Trevor G.

Day #1 Thoughts:

First day – no pads – fantastic weather vs the oven it has been the last 2 years – best news of the day – Eric Fisher signed

Practice was only 2 hours vs the announced 2.5 hours. Loud music played throughout the entire practice which the players and fans both enjoyed. While it set a positive attitude it also prevented much of the conversations from being heard. Wonder if that was Reid’s plan?
We were told today by a MWSU Security worker that Reid fired 3 of the Chiefs security staff for hanging around leaning on the fences instead of doing their jobs.

Much more running offense vs defense play than the conditioning/drills of last year.

Bowe didn’t practice due to a virus but was there sporting a fishing hat and signed autographs after practice.
Commings was there with his arm in a sling. No one else appeared to be injured.

First 11-on-11 play was Alex Smith launching a 40 yarder hitting McCluster in stride as he blew past everyone for a TD. Smith looked sharp. Stanzi was holding the ball too long and got a lecture. Daniel physically looks like a high school kid out there with the much taller QB’s.

Lots of two back, pistol formations and swing passes and screens from play action and several split running back sets. Sweet play where Baldwin drew the CB inside as McCluster swung out into the emptied space for a swing pass tearing down the sidelines after catching the ball in stride. That’s right – “in stride” – would be the phrase of the day. AS was consistently hitting our receivers in stride which is a shockingly new sight here in KC. I would like to see a game by game tracking of YAC this year compared to the last three years.

Moeaki and Kelce seemed to be together talking every time I looked. Before you say “they’re in the same position group Fasano and Harris were around but not as engaged. Serious chemistry for who IMO will be our top producers.

McCluster had the best practice in my opinion with three or four really impressive catches. Rookie WR Rico Richardson displayed explosive speed which could earn him a spot on the roster at a special teams position such as kick or punt returner.

Knile Davis also showed that his injuries are in his past with great speed and good cuts. Baldwin showed good hands but when he runs it appears that he has cinderblocks tied to his feet because he runs so heavy which may be the cause of him having a hard time in getting seperation from defenders.

The LG position battle is very interesting to me, Allen in my opinion is quicker but Schwartz is over 30 pounds heavier than Allen and would be a better option to solve the problems we have had over the last 3 years with our interior OL being bull rushed.

The whole team looked very fit, when I say that I mean no one looked over weight or out of shape, everyone looked very built. This has been an issue over the last few years and Reid’s OTA’s and coaching is showing benefits already.

Last three players on the field taking catches from the ball machines were Devon Wylie, Knile Davis and surprise LB Nico Johnson. Wylie went from catching FB’s to catching tennis balls.

There was also no sign of Childress or Ault at the practice today as well.

Kelce and Daniel were the last players remaining signing autographs during the entire team while Alex Smith didn’t spend much time complying with the entire team signing period after practice.

The fans were excited, optimistic and more vocal than years past today. It feels like we are beginning to turn the corner.

Your loyal camp reporters,
KCMikeG & TrevorG