Why I’m So Excited!


Let’s get excited, ooh

We just can’t hide it, no, no, no

I’m about to lose control and I think I like it

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, no, no

I know, I know, I know, I know

I know I want you, I want you

~ “I’m So Excited” The Pointer Sisters

There are a thousand reasons to be excited about the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs. The naysayers will say that they’re tired of getting excited in the off season only to have their hopes dashed once the season arrives. I say, this is different (BTW, you might want to right-click the link above and play the song in a different tab while you read this. It’ll help you get in the spirit if you aren’t already).

I was excited when Clark Hunt fired Romeo Crennel and hired Andy Reid. Many of you may not know or appreciate that Mr. Reid is a Mormon. What that means to me is that he is a disciplined, principled man who loves and respects those who God gave him to have in his life. It excites me to have that kind of man heading the the Chiefs on the football field.

I was excited that the Chiefs chose a Chippewa number one overall. New GM John Dorsey stated early on that he was going to select the “best player available” and that’s exactly what he did.

I wasn’t excited they traded for him… but I am now… especially about the relationship between Andy Reid and newly acquired Alex Smith. When I hear Alex Smith explain that Reid’s offense is not a cookie cutter offense and that they can do whatever they want to do in it and how open minded coach Reid is… that’s exciting.

I’m excited about the new identity of the team. I’ve watched closely as the team changed coaches from Schottenheimer to Cunningham to Vermeil to Edwards to Haley to Crennel and none of those transitions included as many changes in player personnel as going from Crennel to Reid. It’s important to know what you do or don’t “want in life” and this regime is perfectly comfortable expressing their wants. That’s exciting to me.

I’m excited because Jamaal Charles thinks he can gain 2,000 yards this season in this offense and… Brandon Flowers thinks this secondary can be the best secondary in the NFL this  season and… Dwayne Bowe believes he can lead the league in receptions in this offense. In fact, there are fans so excited about this season that they believe they can set a Guinness World record for noise level in a stadium. Just a note of caution: my father was an acoustical engineer and would often warn us, as we turned our rock music up too loud, that anything over 95 decibels can cause permanent ear damage. Still, take your earplugs, scream, be excited and go for the record!

I’m excited to see how many train wrecks Tamba Hali and Justin Houston can cause. That’s very near the top of my excitement list. It’s a cool phenomena to enjoy it as much when the defense is on the field as the offense. I haven’t felt this way since the days of Derrick Thomas and Joe Montana.

I’m even excited when Branden Albert goes on AM Live and says he’s an elite LT and should be paid like one. In fact, I love the fact that many more Chiefs players have been outspoken this off season. That gets me pumped!

I’m excited that someone finally, finally picked up that friggin’ piece of trash in the stairwell… that Pioli probably planted there himself.

In the “K.C. Chiefs Blueprint” Derrick Johnson sounds like a giddy rookie when talking about playing in this defense,

"Coach Sutton is a attack style defense kind of guy. He, he’s going to allow me to cover tight ends at times, cover (running) backs, blitz off the edge, blitz up the middle, so it’s going to be one of those defenses where you never know who’s coming."

If D.J. is excited, I’m jazzed!

I’m excited that GM John Dorsey signed Bowe, locked up Colquitt and franchised Albert. He kept the core pieces that will keep the Chiefs strong THIS season. That’s exciting.

I’m excited to see Eric Berry is moving into a second full season in a row. I can’t wait to see his progress. He’s already Pro Bowl good but I think he’ll be one of the Chiefs all time greats and that’s exciting.

I can’t wait to see how the Chiefs number one pick in 2012 Dontari Poe progresses. He did much better as the year went along and if he becomes the run stuffer we’ve all dreamed he could be then the sky’s the limit for this defense.

I’m excited to see how much better this defensive backfield can become. The Chiefs spent bucks on bringing in Sean Smith from Miami and Dunta Robinson from Atlanta. I think Sean Smith and Brandon Flowers can be great together. It’s exciting to see what might become.

There are probably a thousand reasons I’m excited about the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs but, the thing I think I’m most excited about is… that the off season is over and football is here!

Alright Addicts, anything you are excited about your 2013 K.C. Chiefs?