Branden Albert, Chiefs Are On The Clock


The Kansas City Chiefs and LT Branden Albert had better get to work. If the Chiefs want to lock Albert up for the foreseeable future, they have to do it today.

Today marks the deadline for all franchised players to sign along-term deal with their new teams. Any player that was franchised must sign a new deal by 4 pm eastern today or the franchise contract will be final and the player will play the 2013 season under a lucrative, one-year deal.

Albert stands to make about $9.8 million this season under the franchise tag.

We’ve heard reports that the Chiefs and Albert’s camp planned to talk this week but as far as we know there isn’t even a contract offer on the table.

I don’t expect a deal to get done. The Chiefs and Albert have had plenty of time and plenty of deadlines to work out a long-term deal and nothing has happened. The Chiefs knew they might have to pay Albert $9.8 million this season when they franchised him. If KC really was worried about the big 2013 contract, they could have dumped Albert off to the Miami Dolphins during the draft. Miami was reportedly willing to give up a third-round pick for Albert.

Unless GM John Dorsey has a rabbit in his hat, I reckon Albert will play this season under the tag.

That is fine by me. The Chiefs have the cap space and they aren’t likely to be making any other big signings this summer anyway.

What do you think, Addicts? Will Albert and the Chiefs get a deal done or is it “Franchise City” for the LT this year?