Jamaal Charles, Chiefs Working Out In Florida


Kansas City Chiefs training camp doesn’t start for a couple of weeks but that is not stopping the players from getting together to work out on their own.

In an excellent sign of dedication, CB Sean Smith, RB Jamaal Charles and others are down in Florida working out. Charles recently posted a video on Vine as proof.

“At the early workout with the boy Sean,” says Charles in the clip. “We out here getting it in. 8’o-clock workout,” Charles continued. “I not even in my city. I’m in Florida right now.”

The other person on the video appears to be Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers.

This has to make you smile if you are a Chiefs fan. The fact that the players are working out is to be expected but it is terrific to see them going the extra mile to do it together. Flying to another city to get up early in the morning to work out with your teammates shows some pretty good dedication. It should also help the Chiefs build up more camaraderie that will hopefully carry over to the locker room and to their play on the field.

We’re getting close. Only a couple of more weeks and we will have camp news and after that, preseason games!