2013 Supplemental Draft Is Today


Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It’s draft day, Addicts!

Wait, what?

You heard me right. Today is one of the few bright spots in a rather dim July football calendar. The NFL’s Supplemental Draft is today.

The Supplemental Draft is held each summer for players that for various reasons, missed the deadline to enter the regular 2013 NFL Draft. Often, these players come with some kind of baggage or behavioral problems.

Oakland Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor is a perfect example of that. Pryor still had one more year to go at Ohio State when an NCAA rules violation led to his suspension and the ousting of head coach Jim Tressel. Since the punishment came down late and Pryor was planning to stay another year at Ohio State, he missed the deadline to enter the draft. Rather than sit out a year of football, Pryor opted to enter the supplemental draft, where he was hilariously selected by the Raiders for a third-round pick.

Here is a list of players that will be available today:

WR O.J. Ross, Purdue

DB Damond Smith, South Alabama

WR Dewayne Peace, Houston

DE Toby Jackson, Central Florida

DT Nate Holloway, UNLV

DE James Boyd, UNLV

Chances are none of these players will even be selected today. Ross and Smith could be late-round grabs but don’t hold your breath.

In order to draft one of these players, the Chiefs would have to bid one of their 2014 draft picks. Players in the Supplemental Draft are often there for a reason (and not a good one) and aren’t usually worth giving up a pick for.