Branden Albert, Chiefs To Resume Contract Talks This Week


Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

According to Bill Williamson of ESPN’s AFC West blog, the Kansas City Chiefs will resume contract talks with LT Branden Albert this week.

From Williamson:

"July 15 (which is in exactly two weeks) is the final day of the calendar year in which a franchised player can sign an extension. Denver’s Ryan Clady and Kansas City’s Branden Albert were both given the franchise tag. Thus, if neither player signs an extension in the next 14 days, neither can sign a new deal after the season is over. Could either player sign in the next two weeks? Sure, both could. I’d think the odds are higher that Albert re-signs than Clady. Albert and the Chiefs are expected to talk next week. Clady and the Broncos have had some talks, but they are reportedly not close."

I think Williamson has a typo where he says “neither can sign a new deal after the season is over.” I believe what he means is neither can sign a new deal UNTIL the season is over.

Per NFL rules, teams have until July 15th to sign franchise players to new deals. If the Chiefs and Albert don’t come to a long-term agreement, Albert’s one-year franchise tag salary is locked in for 2013. In that case, the Chiefs and Albert wouldn’t likely begin negotiating again unti the offseason.

The Chiefs tried to trade Albert to the Miami Dolphins ahead of the 2013 NFL Draft, however, no deal was able to be worked out. The Chiefs have said they would like to re-sign Albert and it appears as though they will take another crack at it this week.

Albert is asking for a lot of money and it may be more than the Chiefs are willing to pay. Still, Albert is rolling the dice by not re-signing with KC. Should he play poorly or suffer a serious injury in 2013, Albert could see his stock plumet and his chance of getting a big contract vanish.

If Albert is willing to come down a bit on his asking price, the Chiefs will likely give him a fair deal. Whether or not Albert’s camp will be willing to budge, remains to be seen.

What do you think, Addicts? Will Albert re-sign or play 2013under the franchise tag?

(h/t FanSided)