Mardy Gilyard: ‘Everyone Here Is Humble And Hungry’


Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Former Cincinnati WR Mardy Gilyard is happy to be a Kansas City Chief.

Gliyard has had a rough road since being drafted into the NFL in the fourth round by the St. Louis Rams in 2010. The WR has since been cut by the Rams and has been cut by the Jets and the Eagles twice.

Still, Gilyard’s time in Philly got him a shot in this offseason in Kansas City under former Eagles head coach Andy Reid. Gilyard has an uphill battle to make the roster with the Chiefs but the receiver position is turbulent enough that there is a chance for anyone could emerge this season.

In a recent article by Sean Keeler of Fox Sports, Gilyard is quoted talking about what his favorite part of being a Chief is.

“The best part of being a Chief is that everybody here is humble and hungry,” Gilyard said. “And those are the two H’s that you really need on a team. You need a humble team that’s hungry.”

It isn’t hard to see why most of the Chiefs are humble and hungry. The roster is one of the youngest in the league and most of the players have never won anything.

Keeler’s article on Gilyard is definitely worth a read. It details a period in Gilyard’s life when he was homeless and living in a borrowed car.

What do you think, Addicts? Does Gilyard have a shot to make the roster as a backup WR/KR?