Chiefs DBs Plan To Work Out Together On Break


Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs have had something of a rebirth under new head coach Andy Reid and it appears as though the good vibes surrounding the organization are beginning to have a positive impact on the attitudes of the players.

The Chiefs wrapped up their final offseason practices with last week’s minicamp but according to CB Sean Smith, the defensive backs plan to get together during the break to make sure they stay sharp.


"Taking the proactive approach, Smith and his secondary teammates are going to keep all lines of communication open, during their break.“Yeah, definitely,” Smith said.“It kind of works out for me because in the secondary, we have Brandon Flowers and Eric Berry, they are like our captains, the guys who people look up to……We’re all going to link up in South Florida and get some work in. And, we definitely welcome anybody to come down and get some work in with us. We have a mission in mind and one goal, to come back and keep this thing rolling and make sure no one falls off.”"

Chiefs fans have got to love hearing stuff like this.

The NFL is becoming more and more of a year-round sport. When the new CBA was drafted, the players were sure to make sure it contained language that ensured they actually got time off and were not being overworked during the summer months. The players take quite a beating during the year and if coaches had their way, practices would likely never stop, so it makes sense that the players would want a contract guaranteeing them minimal contact and practices in the offseason.

The fact that some Chiefs players are willing to get together, on their own time, to stay sharp and work out as a unity, is a good sign for a team that finished 2-14 a year ago. It demonstrates that the players have a good attitude and are committed to winning. It also shows that some leaders appear to be emerging on the defensive side of the ball.

Everyone in the NFL is so talented that often the difference between a very good team and a terrible team is not that large. We know that the Chiefs have loads of talent but in 2012, they were unable to use their talents to win football games.

Perhaps the extra practice, focus and leadership will be what finally helps the Chiefs get over the hump and return to their winning ways.

One can dream.