How To Kill The Next Seven Weeks Without Chiefs


Here we stand at the edge of the void.

The last Chiefs OTA’s are now in the books and there is nothing coming up in the NFL league schedule for the next seven (yes, seven) weeks until training camp begins.

In case it hasn’t donned on you yet, that is a long time. With nothing happening and a dearth of real Chiefs stuff to analyze we’re all going to have to refocus our attention on our empty lives, read books, talk to our loved ones, I dunno, whatever desperate people do.

It just so happens that this particular break also comes right as the third season of Game of Thrones is coming to an end because the Gods are evidently especially cruel this year (if you watch Game of Thrones, you know this is true).

So, here are my humble suggestions for how you can enjoy life and still get a little Chiefs fever going.

1.) Read Arrowhead Addict religiously. I’m not saying we’re always going to have as much commentary and news as other parts of the year (I really painted myself into a corner by pledging not to make predictions), but we’re still here to help you. Think of us as your support group … or your enablers.

2.) Feel vindicated by this article about a poll someone dug up from 2009 showing that more ESPN voters preferred to have Matt Cassel running their offense than Aaron Rodgers. Granted, Kansas was the only state that preferred Cassel over everyone, including Philip Rivers, Jay Cutler and Matt Ryan, but I’m betting a lot of you are from Missouri anyway, so … feel good. The Chiefs weren’t the only morons who liked Cassel in 2009.

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

3.) Watch this video repeatedly. It covers the Chiefs offseason additions and has some sort of rad filter over footage of RB Jamaal Charles running all over the field. You may want to skip over some of the sappy slo-mo intro upon later viewings.

4.) I also recommend the Amateur Hour Podcast, which gets some good guests to talk Chiefs and other KC sports over a few beers. Makes me feel like home. (Note: explicit language)

5.) You’ll also find some good encouragement in these highlights of QB Alex Smith that were made, apparently, by a 49ers fan. Not everyone thinks he’s overrated.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

6.) Miss that familiar feeling of crushed expectations you get from the Chiefs? Add in 100-degree heat and go see yourself a Royals game over at Kauffman.

7.) Implore all Chiefs players on social media to use car services and taxis. All NFL players seem to do this time of year is drive drunk and beat up strippers.

8.) In a similar vein, buy a Raiders player a drink. A strong one. For the good of the Chiefs.

9.) Prepare plans and supplies to strategically place banana peels around Peyton Manning’s work and home. You know … in case he gets hungry.

10.) Let your family know they have exactly seven Sundays to have meaningful conversations and meals that don’t include dip with you. Then it’s all over, hopefully until February.

Help your fellow addicts out adding more suggested activities in the comments section and tell us how you’re going to spending your seven weeks of misery!