Andy Reid Comes In At #10 In Head Coach Power Rankings


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has come in at #10 in the Head Coach Power Rankings.

Before we proceed, please understand that it is June and you are bound to see more and more arbitrary lists popping up about various aspects of the NFL, throughout the rest of the summer. Uniform power rankings, helmet power rankings, power rankings power rankings, anything to get some NFL fans through the summer.

I’ve never been sure why people like summer. It is unbearably hot in most of the country. There is no football. You sweat everywhere you go. You have to lather up in sunscreen for fear of getting that crap burned out of your skin (at least us pale Irish folk do anyway) and you can’t wear clothes to hide your ever-growing beer-gut.

Fall and winter is where its at.

Anyway, I digress.

Andy comes in at #10 in this list. Here is what they had to say about “Big Red.”

"10) Andy Reid, Kansas City ChiefsReid falls a bit due to the Eagles’ immense struggles in 2011 and ’12. Still, it’s hard to look past five NFC Championship Game appearances and a Super Bowl berth. Give the man his due. There’s a reason why Kansas City took, oh, about eight minutes to decide he was the franchise’s next head coach."

As for the rest of the ranks, Bill Belichick is at the top, of course. That is fine. What Bill has done in NE is remarkable.

But there are some other questionable moves. Jim Harbaugh is ranked above John, which is laughable, considering John just won the damn Super Bowl. Jim has had two terrific seasons in San Fran but to rank him ahead of his brother is ridiculous.

I also take issue with Jeff Fisher (#9) ahead of Andy Reid.

The good news is that Big Red is the highest-ranked AFC West coach. Even better is that Dennis Allen of the Raiders came in dead last. Looks like the bad times might keep rolling for the Faiders.

Not that we’re ones to talk.