Chiefs’ Tyler Bray, Travis Kelce, Talk OTAs


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are in the midst of their OTA practice sessions and backup QB Tyler Bray and TE Travis Kelce are talking to the media.

Both Bray and Kelce have a lot to prove  as the Chiefs near training camp. While the team appears to be high on both players, Bray and Kelce will need to work if they want to see the field.

Kelce may have a bit of an easier road than Bray. As it stands, Bray is fighting with QB Ricky Stanzi for the third and final QB spot behind starter Alex Smith and veteran backup, Chase Daniel. While Bray isn’t likely to even supplant Daniel on the depth chart, at least this season, he isn’t letting that stop him from working hard.

In fact, he says he is taking a lot of inspiration from the guys on the roster he’d eventually like to replace.

“Oh they’ve helped out a lot,” said Bray when asked about the team’s other QBs.  “They’re great guys. They know I’m going to come in and struggle at first with the playbook, it’s a new system, a new type of offense. They’ve just helped out a lot.”

Bray told the media that the biggest challenge he is facing is learning the terminology of Andy Reid’s offense. Like any good rookie, he is smartly taking mental reps, even when he isn’t on the practice field.

“You just take mental reps,” said Daniel. “Every time Alex and Chase are in there, just watch what they do – their drops, how they throw, how they work the pocket. I just try to learn from them.”

As for Kelce, he is excited to be a part of Andy Reid’s offense, which he says will have him lining up in multiple places, wich is something he also did in college. Though listed as a TE, Kelce often lined up in the slot.

“I believe so,” said Kelce when asked if he thought he’d be playing multiple positions. “I believe they’re going to ask all the tight ends and all the players on the team to play in every single spot. That’s the luxury of being in Coach Reid’s offense, is that you know you’re going to be put in a different matchup every single play. And we’re going to utilize that in every single position.”

No doubt Chiefs fans are as excited as Kelce about Reid’s new offense. In 2012, the Chiefs had one of the worst offenses in the NFL.

Kelce says that Reid’s offense demands accountability.

“Everyone has to know the entire offense, every single position, every single route, every single run,” said Kelce. “Everybody has to be held accountable on every single play.”