Andy Reid Thinks Justin Houston Could Be Special


John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was left quite a bit of talent on his roster by the previous regime and the coach recognizes quite a bit of talent in OLB Justin Houston.

The Chiefs wrapped up another round of OTA practices this week and Reid took to the podium to talk about the work his team accomplished this week. On reporter asked Reid about Houston because the OLB was recently named the 49th best player in the NFL in NFL Network’s annual “Top 100 Countdown.” The list of players is voted on by the players so it is quite an honor for a player to be recognized on the list. Houston is the fourth Chief to be named, with one more player yet to be named.

“Well, no, he’s a Pro Bowl player,” said Reid when asked if he was surprised Houston made the list. “And he’s developing into one of the better outside linebackers in the National Football League. And it’s important now that he understands that, it’s important that he continues to develop and he has a real chance at being one of the top guys there.”

Being named to such a prestigious list could go to a player’s head, especially after only being in the league two years, as Houston has. But Reid isn’t worried about Houston getting overconfident.

“Not a lot,” said Reid. “No, no, no. He plays a non-cautious position. So there’s no caution. You just work hard and keep bettering your game. When you’re a great player and you’re able to sustain that, that means you’ve taken the offseason and worked on the small things and made yourself even better. So that’s what he’s doing now.”