The K.C. Chiefs Dream Series: Tyler Bray


Chiefs get their QB of the future from the 2013 NFL draft.

No, the Kansas City Chiefs didn’t just trade for Geno Smith. However, they did come away with undrafted free agent Tyler Bray who could become the future at the quarterback position for years to come.

Admittedly, Bray didn’t come to the Chiefs in the draft but, it was because no team drafted him that the Chiefs were able to sign him a few days later. So, while Bray didn’t come in the draft… he did come as a result of it.

Some may be saying, “So what? He was just an undrafted free agent.”

True, but, what if he become another Tony Romo?

Just yesterday Patrick Allen reported that Tyler Bray was running with the fourth team so while it makes it an even longer shot Bray sticks on the Chiefs roster… there was a good reason Andy Reid went after him in free agency following the draft. Plus, you have to figure, Ricky Stanzi was not this regime’s pick so Bray has as good a shot as Stanzi does at this point.

In watching Tyler Bray perform at Tennessee you can see his potential. Yes, the dreaded “P” word… potential.

Looking at Tyler Bray’ stats don’t really tell his whole story either. Although there is some good to be learned about him from his stat sheet.

In an article at the Bleacher Report called “Why Tyler Bray Will Fail in the NFL” correspondent Jason Hall say, “There is no denying that he has talent, but the best phrase to describe Tyler Bray is, “Million Dollar Arm; Two Cent Brain.”

The question about Bray is whether or not he will be able to make the maturity transition into the land where the big boys roam.

However, on Thursday… the answer to that question may be coming early in the off season. Eric Berry, who attended Tennessee, the same university as Bray said,

"“That’s my dawg. I know he’s going to come and do great things for the Chiefs. Right now, I can’t really get him out of the hotel because he’s been studying his playbook and watching film, so, he’s pretty much locked in and focused.”"

Although Jason Hall points out that Bray challenges include “attitude problems,” “lack of leadership,” and “off-field nonsense” he also points out that Bray’s upside could be… Thomas Stafford.

Could you imagine the Chiefs future if they have another Thomas Stafford for the next dozen seasons? That’s something to get excited about.

My personal interest in Tyler Bray was sparked while watching him in game action with the pressure closing in on him he would make one throw after another off the wrong foot or throwing it sidearm or heaving it far down field… all with a lot of success. Then an interception would come and I was reminded of a gunslinger who retired his holster couple years back named Brett Favre.

That’s right, I’m comparing Tyler Bray to Brett Favre. Not that the current Bray is much like “Favre the Great.” But, if you look at the two graphs you’ll see that neither were lights out performers in college and yet the both come into the pros with loads of “potential.”

Of course that could be said of any of a hundred QBs but, it’s those special moments when Bray uses his unique athleticism and makes a good decision and you stop still and go — wow. It’s those Favresk moments that tantalize.

If you’ve had time to see any Tennessee games in the past couple of years you know of what I say.

I’ve prepared a video to perpetuate the fantasy. “The Dream” Highlights of Tyler Bray. It’s a compilation of the best of the best highlights of his career against the best competition. These highlights are taken as Bray performs against 6 different teams: South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Missouri and North Carolina. If you’re dreaming along with me you’ll see Tyler Bray passing with… touch… sidestepping the rush… fitting the ball into tight spaces… hitting the out route on the sidelines… placing the ball where only his receivers can get it… going deep with accuracy… putting the ball in good locations for his receivers to make the catch… rolling out and making throws on the run with accuracy and more.

Let the dream live! Go Chiefs!