Donovan McNabb To Andy Reid: Stay Away From The BBQ


Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs and their new head coach Andy Reid are just hours away from kicking off the 2013 NFL Draft. The first player Reid ever drafted when he was the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, was QB Donovan McNabb.

In a recent interview with Amanda Rykoff of Guyspeed, the former NFL star has some advice for his old coach as he embarks on his new gig in KC.

"Stay away from the barbecue. Put the fork down. No, that’s my guy. He loves BBQ in KC. It’s great. But the thing for him is probably don’t go into this thing like we did in 1999. It’s a new chapter, new players, new generation. Just do what you do, do what you know and just lead this team like you did with us."

Joking aside, this is actually pretty interesting advice from McNabb. Donvan first tells Reid not to approach the Chiefs like he did the Eagles in 1999. I actually think this is really smart advice. I think for anyone to have sustained success in the NFL, as a coach, they need to realize that the game is always changing. What works for one team and one group of players may not work for another.

Just look at Bill Belichick in New England. ‘The Hoodie” seems to do something a little different every season on offense. For a while he was tearing up the league with Randy Moss over the top and Wes Welker underneath. Recently, he decided to go with two big tight ends that were basically giant, athletic receivers. Bill is always one step ahead of the rest of the league. Part of that adaptation is designing his scheme to fit his personel.

If Andy Reid can adapt and learn from his mistakes in Philly, he should be able to turn KC around. If, however, he walks into the 2013 season thinking Alex Smith is Mike Vick or Donovan McNabb, he could be heading for trouble.