With the 2013 NFL Draft just days away, folks have been asking when I was finally going ..."/> With the 2013 NFL Draft just days away, folks have been asking when I was finally going ..."/>

2013 NFL Mock Draft: First And Final Edition

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With the 2013 NFL Draft just days away, folks have been asking when I was finally going to release my mock draft for this year. In past year’s I have done multiple mocks but this year I just decided to do one at the end of everything.

I’ve picked in a few mocks for the Chiefs on different sites around the web.In a lot of those mocks, I stubbornly selected QB Geno Smith, even though I know there is almost zero chance of the Chiefs actually doing that. I’m stubborn only because I think Smith is the right pick and bored to death by turning in the obligatory “Luke Joeckel” pick.

I think I found a sort of compromise below. Anyway, here is my 2013 NFL Mock. Looking forward to a bunch of trolls from other teams stopping by to call me a moron. If that didn’t happen, it would be like Christmas with no presents.

Or something like that.


1. Kansas City Chiefs — Eric Fisher, LT, Central Michigan

I think the Chiefs will probably end up selecting a tackle even if Branden Albert isn’t able to work out a deal with the Miami Dolphins. The Chiefs had said over and over again that they will take the best player available. Unless the whole tackle thing is a giant smokescreen (and I can see what the point of that would be) then I think the Chiefs take a tackle and figure out what to do with Albert later. Everyone seems to think this pick will be Luke Joeckel, but I am not so sure. Fisher has a ton of upside and I think the Chiefs will want to get as much as they can if they can’t find a trade partner in order to move back.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars — Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

The Jaguars are desperate for help at QB and also to put butts in the seats at their stadium. There might be a few prospects that are better on paper than Geno Smith but none of them are going to help the Jags return to relevance like a QB will. Perhaps Smith will just be another reach ala Gabbert but the Jaguars have to try.

3. Oakland Raiders — Luke Joeckel, LT, Texas A&M

Normally I’d think the Raiders would go CB here but Al Davis is dead. The new regime in Oakland will likely be thrilled to have Joeckel fall on their laps and they’ll do the smart thing and take him. This isn’t your father’s Raiders.

4. Philadelphia EaglesDion Jordan, OLB, Oregon

This makes too much sense for it not to go down. Jordan played for new Eagles head coach Chip Kelly at Oregon. The new coach will be able to implement his new system with a player that can get to the QB in a passing league.

5. Detroit LionsLane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

I am sure Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham will stand on the table for Ziggy Ansah but the Lions need to keep Mathew Stafford upright. Johnson is too good of a prospect to pass on here.

6. Cleveland Browns — Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama

I’d venture to guess the Browns will think long and hard about Ansah and Tavon Austin in this spot. Ansah because he’s falling a bit and presents good value and Austin because Cleveland needs all the offensive help they can get. But considering the new regime in Cleveland isn’t totally sold yet on Brandon Weeden, I see them opting to instead create a dominant defense by pairing Milliner with Joe Hayden.

7. Arizona CardinalsEzekiel Ansah, DE, OLB, BYU

Ziggy’s slide ends here. He is too talented a player with too much upside for the Cards to pass on him here. With Geno Smith of the board, this pick is pretty much a no-brainer for Arizona. Their underrated defense just got tougher.

8. Buffalo Bills — Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse

Like the Jaguars, the Bills are also desperate for a franchise QB. With new head coach Doug Marrone on board, the Bills go with the devil they know (Nassib) over the devil they don’t (Barkley).

9. New York Jets — Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida

I think Rex Ryan tells his representatives in Radio City Music Hall to run up to the podium to turn in the card selecting Floyd. Many experts think he could go to the Raiders at No. 3 but the selection of Geno Smith by the Jags at No. 2 throws this mock out of whack.

10. Tennessee Titans — Chance Warmack, G, Alabama

Warmack could very well be the best player in this entire draft. He will only fall this far because he’s a guard. Having Warmack pulling for Chris Johnson should start giving the rest of the AFC South nightmares.

11. San Diego Chargers — DJ Fluker, LT, Alabama

Alabama has two players selected back to back. Fluker might be a bit of a reach here but the Chargers are desperate to protect Philip Rivers so he can return to form.

12. Miami Dolphins — DJ Hayden, CB, Houston

Mike Mayock of NFL Network has Hayden as his top CB. The Dolphins lost Sean Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs in free agency. Presumably, the trade for Branden Albert has gone through at this point. The Dolphins nab a corner.

13. New York Jets (from Bucs) — Jonathan Cooper, G, North Carolina

I find it hard to believe that two guards could go so high given past apprehension from teams when selecting this position but FanSided.com Editor Josh Sanchez convinced me there was no way the Jets would pass on Cooper. So here he goes.

14. Carolina Panthers — Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah 

The Panthers get a great deal by having the rather large Star Lotulelei fall right onto their laps at No. 14. Carolina takes a step toward improving its soft defense.

15. New Orleans Saints – Jarvis Jones, Linebacker, Georgia

Tavon Austin would be a tantalizing choice here but the Saints were downright retched on defense in 2012. Besides, Drew Brees could move the ball down the field with me laying WR. Ok, maybe not, but you get my point.

16. St. Louis Rams – Tavon Austin, Wide Receiver, West Virginia

The Rams feel like they were coming on strong in 2012 with soem quality victories. Snagging Austin here gives QB Sam Bradford a prime target to help take St. Louis to the next level on offense.