Dwayne Bowe Says Chiefs Will Throw The Ball Deep


Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs were terrible on the offensive side of the ball in 2012 and while we don’t know if they will be any better in 2013, one thing is certain.

They’ll be different.

The Chiefs are in the process of installing their new offense under new head coach Andy Reid. Along with the new offensive game plan, the Chiefs also have a different QB under center.

New QB Alex Smith isn’t really known for his deep ball, but if WR Dwayne Bowe is to be believed, the Chiefs will be chucking the rock downfield.

From Josh Klingler:

Now to be fair, the Chiefs did throw the ball deep on occasion when Matt Cassel was the team’s QB. The problem was that when KC did throw it deep, the ball was generally horribly under- or overthrown, usually the former.

Cassel’s lack of arm strength often gave defenders the chance to catch up to Chiefs receivers when they happened to break free. The situation was so bad that it seemed the Chiefs almost never took shots down the field.

I am not sure if the deep ball will work out any better with Alex Smith but I am a firm believer that an offense has to at least try a couple of deep shots a game to keep defenses honest.

Smith is clearly a better QB than Cassel so hopefully Andy Reid can unlock Smith’s inner deep ball.

What do you think, Addicts? Will the Chiefs have more success throwing deep with Alex Smith?