Chiefs’ Tamba Hali Wants To Get To MetLife Stadium


Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs OLB Tamba Hali has taken to Twitter recently to express his excitement in fellow linebacker Justin Houston.

From Hali’s Twitter account:

Hali mentions MetLife Stadium because that is the location of the 2013 Super Bowl.

It goes without saying that every NFL team is working toward getting themselves to the Super Bowl but it sure is nice to hear Chiefs players talking about it as if it is actually a possibility.

Even if the odds are long.

When Scott Pioli was the GM of the Chiefs, he rarely talked about the Super Bowl, unless of course, he was talking about the New England Patriots, his former employers. Pioli’s comments almost always seemed to be prefaced with warnings about managing expectations. He also often liked to talk about the “process” of building  winner. Even Pioli’s handpicked head coach (the first one) Todd Haley, refused to admit his team was any good, even when they were in the midst of a 2010 AFC West Championship run.

The new regime uses the word “process” as well, but they don’t seem to treat talking about winning with the same caution as Pioli and Co.

When NFL players speak to the media, they are often repeating things that they hear from their head coach and GM about the organization’s goals. The fact that Hali was talking specifically about MetLife Stadium, rather than saying “Super Bowl” makes me wonder if Andy Reid didn’t use a similar phrase at some point this offseason.

Wherever Hali’s words are coming from, it is good to see the linebacker talking confidently about his teammates and the team’s chances. After the miserable season KC had in 2012, it appears a new regime and a new season is bringing renewed optimism.

At this point in the offseason, that is all Chiefs fans can ask for.