2013 NFL Draft Rumors: Dolphins Trading Up For Lane Johnson?


Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs may want to move back in the 2013 NFL Draft but rumor has it that the Miami Dolphins are looking to trade up.

The Chiefs and Dolphins have been linked as possible trade partners throughout the offseason. Miami is in need of a tackle and the Chiefs are rumored to be looking to unload LT Branden Albert. KC recently used the franchise tag on Albert and the thinking is that the club would like to move him for draft picks and then draft one of the top tackles at No. 1 overall. KC reportedly wants a second-round pick this year and another pick next year for Albert. Miami happens to have an extra second-round pick this year so folks are drawing a logical link between the two clubs.

The problem for the Chiefs is that Miami may be looking to draft a rookie tackle instead of trading for a high-priced veteran.

The new rumor, from NFL.com, is that Miami is interested in drafting Oklahoma tackle Lane Johnson. The Dolphins pick 12th in the draft and would likely need to move up a few spots to get their guy.

From NFL.com:

"The problem is that the trio of Texas A&M’s Luke Joekel, Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher and Oklahoma’s Lane Johnson likely will be off the board by the time Miami picks at No. 12 overall.The solution is to trade up, as Ireland is armed with extra second- and third-round picks from last year’s Vontae Davis and Brandon Marshall trades. The Palm Beach Post “keeps hearing” the Dolphins are high on Johnson, and suggests pairing the 12th pick with the 54th or 77th overall to move up.Whenever NFL.com’s Daniel Jeremiah is asked about the Dolphins’ draft plans, he starts humming The Jeffersons’ “Movin’ on Up” theme song."

This could be bad news for the Chiefs. While Johnson is a very good tackle, most experts consider Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel and Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher to be better prospects. There is no reason for Miami to trade all the way up to No. 1 to get Johnson as Joeckel and Fisher will likely go first.

Come draft day, Miami may only need to move up a couple of spots to get Johnson. If the Dolphins can pull it off, the Chiefs could find themselves without a trade partner for Albert. If KC’s goal is to get back into the second round of the draft while also unloading Albert’s contract, the Chiefs may need to hope Miami fails to move up.

What do you think, Addicts? Will the Chiefs be able to get a deal done with Miami or will the Dolphins land a rookie tackle instead?