Chiefs’ Branden Albert Skips Workouts, Wants Clarity


Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs met as a team for the first time in 2013 yesterday and everyone was there, except for LT Branden Albert.

Albert and the Chiefs have been going through some strife this offseason. The former first-round pick was not happy about receiving the franchise tag from KC and there have been rumors that the Chiefs hope to trade Albert.

The uncertainty has led Albert to stay away from the team. At least for now.

Albert appeared on NFL AM on NFL Network, Tuesday morning and said that if he is going to be traded, he wants to know where.

“If I’m going to be traded,” Albert stated, “(I want to know) if I’m going to be there long-term. Right now, everything is uncertain.”

Albert also clarified that he wants to play for the Chiefs; he just wants a long-term commitment.

“I want that long-term commitment,” said Albert. “But as you know in football, you don’t have too much control of the situation. I want to play for the Chiefs, but I want that commitment long-term.”

Albert said that he would play under the franchise tag if he has to, but that he’d rather not.

In the end, Albert just wants some clarity. Either the Chiefs need to “put a ring on it” or the need to send him on his way.

“I want to know the answer,” said Albert. “I don’t want to be in limbo. Ever since the end of the season, I’ve been in limbo.I want a definitive answer of what’s going to happen with me.”

If I had to guess, unless the Chiefs get blown away by an offer, they probably won’t consider trading Albert until the draft. Moving Albert now would mean the Chiefs need to find at least one, probably two starting tackles. KC would almost have to select one of the top tackles in the first round of the draft. The Chiefs may not want to make any moves until they see what kind of offers, if any, they can get for the No. 1 pick. It may also be that if a team hoping to snag one of the top tackles in the draft misses out on their guy, that the Chiefs will get a better offer during or after the draft than they can now.